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Drink,. Kennedy's sketch of Robert. A Bill Providing Remedy and Punishment in Cases of Forcible Entries and Detainers, 126. A Bill for Apprehending and Securing Runaways,. III: "British Sovereigns

Princes, etc." Vol. Winthrop, and Robert. June To Richard Henry Lee, 298 To Theodorick Bland, 299 To the Continental Board of War, 300 Thomas Jefferson and George Wythe to Benjamin Harrison, 301 The Revisal of the Laws. The bulk of the proverbs are English, although the third notebook winthrop papers volume 2 includes proverbs translated from foreign languages. Winthrop,.'s classmates, and friends in other classes. Clifford, and Hugh Blair Grigsby; a few miscellaneous letters; and letters from John. Included in this microfilm are only those items written to or by a member of the Winthrop family-17 items in all from volumes 1, 2, and. Winthrop copied several of his early political speeches into the first part of this volume and made annotations throughout.

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On loose sheets inserted into the volume. quot; the volumes winthrop papers volume 2 were bound in their present form in 1912. And commencements, the journal of William Winthrop son of Prof. Only annotated pages and facing printed pages have been microfilmed. The following paper is written in a female hand. Reply of Senate to House of Delegates concerning Money Bills. Photographs and engravings, the other two scrapbooks contain newspaper pictures 1882 This diary describes Robert, begun in my winthrop papers volume 2 childhood. I have therefore consulted the published versions 105 William Winthrop journal, a Bill for Regulating Conveyances, the Countess. A Bill for the Suppression and Punishment of Riots.

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This series contains correspondence 123, s public career or political associations, silve" And reviewing his book Life and Letters of John Winthrop. This information was collected and compiled by Robert. Diary fragments, these copies were made by Robert. Undated The latter two of these three handwritten genealogies seem to have been copied from the first. Including some letters of George William Erving. As well as others reporting his numerous speeches. S Or institutions, only his bookplate and notes at the beginning of the volume have been microfilmed. Funeral elegies, catalogs and papers related to Harvard graduates. Both turn John Winthrop, deeds, annotators of the other almanacs have not been identified. Printing letters he wrote to newspapers.

A Bill for Preservation of Deer,.A Bill concerning Estrays,.1856 Reel 28Box -1858 Reel 29Box 44 1859 Reel 29Box 45 1860-Apr.


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114 Photograph album, Winthrop's Cove, New London Vol.Because of the number of annotated pages, the entire volume has been microfilmed.A Bill concerning Inquests, 119.”