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Peter Court, pdgiw, Secretary Lodge Southern Cross UGL NSW ACT. The Hall housed an impressive display of Chinse icons to ensure that the initiates were held in awe of

their surroundings. The necessary requirements were effected in the Quarterly Communication of Grand Lodge on Thus, the light of Freemasonry was extinguished in Shanghai and, as a consequence, in mainland China, after thirteen years of communist rule. Another Scottish lodge in Shanghai was Lodge Saltoun No 936. The Celestial Chapter held its first meeting in March 1852 and the following year a Provincial Grand Chapter was formed in Canton, with one Chapter, namely Celestial Chapter No 735. Campbell, J M: Chinese Secret Societies in (1893) AQC 6: Cathcart, M: Manning Clarks History of Australia, (abridged 1993 Penguin Books, Australia, 1995. THE same king DAVlD Loved masons and Cherished them, and gave them Good Pay. They moderated their demands and supported a peaceful revolution. Brother Taylor was so impressed with what he had read that he copied many of the symbols and much of the phraseology used therein. As they continued their travels, they attracted a large band of followers intent on overthrowing the Manchu. This would appear to be the first mention of a Chinese Masonic Society in Australia. Sydney soon became the headquarters for Australia (ten Associations New can Zealand and Canada. We have kept only the necessary implements etc. By 1904 the Association in Melbourne was changing its ideology from a monarchy to a republic.

Or three times Great Being both King. The Order of the Eastern Star is the worldapos. After which they extinguished the joss sticks and vowed never to divulge the secrets of the society. A change was male paper dolls print outs soon to overtake the Melbourne Chinese scene. May he die by losing his blood from the seven apertures.

Masonic manuscripts, inigo jones - 1725c.PS Review of Freemasonry.

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If any Brother disregard this obligation may he be cast into the great ocean. The name Cathay was changed at the request of the English District. Part 1Hung Society to Chinese Masonic Society. Under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Council we have fortythree Grand Courts each is Statewide located in the United States.

Australian Scene When gold was discovered in Australia, it heralded a great influx of many thousands of Chinese, mainly from the thirteen counties around Canton.Robert Johnson, 32 is the Managing Editor of the Midnight Freemasons blog.They are now completely separate organizations.


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In Western Australia the Chinese were not permitted to mine on the rich goldfields but were allowed to engage in other business activities.Each state administers its own estarl program.As a result of public opinion, each Chinese was permitted to lease only 5 acres of land for the cultivation of bananas.It must be remembered that, at this time, activity to overthrow the Manchu Dynasty and return it to Chinese rule was rife, and as it is against the principles of Freemasonry to become involved in any such activity.”