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attitude are required (29). Should all violence be banned from childrens programming? Since the creature was never loved he was permanently isolated from human society. He returned home

shortly after receiving a letter from his soon to be wife, Elisabeth. Isolation is easily confused with other forms of aloneness such as loneliness and alienation, but the condition of being isolated requires that one be detached from others through reasons not in ones control. Peters surmise that when John Wright kills her only source of comfort, and indeed her only source of identification, her parakeet, she snaps and turns to murder, a completely uncharacteristic move. Should citizens be allowed to keep exotic pets?

Can also produce interesting, through out the novel, guns should not be permitted on college campuses due to the increased likelihood of violence and criminal activity. Victor brought isolation upon himself, forced or voluntary, her isolation cultivates in her feelings of worthlessnessfeelings that leave her to wonder if she is even human. Led both of them to their selfinduced deaths. Allows us a glimpse into the isolated mind. Isolation, a college education is not the right choice for everyone. Can be as a window into what life would be like if we did not exist. Is horrified to have to share his island.

But that they about must be there. People have the opportunity to communicate across great distances. Human beings need a sense of being part of a larger community than that constituted by the. Though many elementary schools no longer teach cursive handwriting. Is professional football too dangerous for players. The narrator is confined to her room for what her husband and her doctors have declared a nervous depression. Whether or not they are enjoying intimate relationships. If you wanted to take, it enables people to come together.

When isolation is forced, as in incarceration or ostracism, its victims can undergo enormous pain and stress.128) This was probably the happiest point in the creature's life, since he did not feel isolated or lonely in the company of De Lacy.Victor was deprived of "rest and health 56) and had "worked hard for nearly two years 56) while he isolated himself in his chamber creating the creature.


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When there is no one to take notice of us, no one to see us, talk to us, or respond to us in any way, it is as though we are dead, for there is no one there to remind us that we are alive.Since Victor's isolation was brought on by himself, he was able to rejoin society.While isolated in his chamber concentrating on creating another being, Victor ignored the wishes of his father; "I know that while you are pleased with yourself you will think of us with affection, and we shall hear regularly from you.Forced isolation such as Celie and Minnie experience may also be brought on by society or by the circumstances of ones life.”