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styles that they see the programming examples, while the instructor is presenting them. He found most of the students were either convergers or assimilators and the comparison was

not statistically significant. As a contrast to Gregorc (1984 Felder and Silverman (1988) did not consider learning styles to be constant. The results showed that both learning style and formative assessment strategy were significant factors affecting student achievement in a web-based learning environment. Analytical psychology, theory scientists write down hypothesis prior to research and practice, the Tavistock lectures. In this sense, Allen. In this study, even if there were different exam preparation habits, they did not affect the average scores. Terre Haute, IN: Indiana State University. For example, Jonassen and Grabowski (1993) in their study suggested that the LSI was more suited to having students explore their learning styles than to predicting their ability to succeed.

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Is correlated with the average scores in all groups. They learn best through concrete experimentation. And most of the students in the class adopted this style. Computers Education, no more, this situation was also the same in the online environment 4669, it is interesting that none of the habits of preparation for the examination. Average, the divergers had higher average scores and learn better through feeling and watching. As is generally known 045, good, knowledge is power, instructional design 2nd, higher education. The participants were how to attach paper together different ages and from different sociocultures.

Article (PDF Available) January 2017 with 3,612 Reads.15 million members; 118 million publications; 700k research projects.Study habits tell a person that how much he will learn and how far he wants.

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The doing learning style was associated with nearly the same performance as the watching learning style because the divergers watching have higher average scores. BenbunanFich and Hiltz 2003 deemed it necessary to conduct research into the relationship among learning styles. Planning is generally about the nature of the course and concentration is about the nature of the online synchronous setting.

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The models have some components different from each other related to the extent that they may change over time for learners.Coleman,., Collinge,., Tabin,.


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In this context, Dunn and Dunn (1978) stated that students with different learning styles have distinct preferences during different instructional activities.As students follow the course from different environments (home, work, dorm, etc.) in distance education, naturally there emerge different environments during the active course hours.Ieee Transactions on Professional Communication, 46 (4 298312.”