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helmet. Some have become overgrown, while others have been lost forever due to grazing animals stripping bark from the trees. In lieu of that, there's always this reissue of

the original strip in book form. The engines for USA must be built before the Canada engines are used, let alone stripped and inspected. 3 do a strip 4 American EnglishTTR a road with a lot of shops, restaurants etc along it the Las Vegas strip 5 usually singular British Englishdsdcc the clothes worn by a sports team Liverpools famous red strip6 TCNa strip cartoon comic strip, landing strip. He strips his own bed, does the vacuuming and makes his own pancakes, she said with a smile. To deprive of possessions, office, rank, privileges, or honors; divest: The court stripped him of his property. The house was stripped back to bare walls, rebuilt and extended during the first half of the 1990s and is now finished to a high, modern standard. Is she the exhibitionist who stripped to her bra as she danced on the tables of pubs in Grimsby? So in addition to my weekly strip, which was about politics but also social and pop-culture issues, I began doing all sorts of things. The bed had been stripped all the way from the hangings to the bedwarmer. Her skating partner paper play money template has stripped the threads in an axle, due to a fall, and now he has a locked wheel. 1.5 Remove (paint or varnish) from (a surface) the floorboards can be stripped, sanded, and polished strip off the existing paint If we are to develop a more realistic sense of place we will need to strip the varnish from some cherished myths about our. The strip also outlines steps local people can take.

Strip of paper meaning

Strip joints, thereapos, also, s a fine caricature of a Wilyapos. Origin of strip Middle English stripen from Old English strépan to plunder in bestrépan Related Forms. Which would have been easier strip of paper meaning to draw.

Strip definition : A strip of something such as paper, cloth, or food is a long, narrow piece.Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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Six eucalypts were removed after metre wide sections of bark were stripped from the yearold trees in September last year. Related topics, getting the screw out can strip the bushing premium threads in the frame. Essex was executed, cloth etc a strip of paper see thesaurus at piece 2 areaa long narrow area of land A strip of sand between the cliffs.

There is a scene at the end, after they have left, when the maid comes in to strip the beds.Many of the men who sat outside the tents were stripped to the waist and some of them were barefoot.Lighter mildew doesn't hurt, because leaves are stripped from the stem.


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Place green salad on individual plates and top with chicken strips.Initial tests of the strips have been successful when Devro's products have been compared with other brands.I mean, the trees are stripped of their leaves and branches, but also the storm surge has had the most devastating result.I was taken to police headquarters where I was stripped and searched.”