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rubbing out small blemishes on newly-painted materials or for flatting down a final topcoat while the surface is still capable of being manipulate. M, regards, Justin West, l

posted on December 31, 2005, 8:23 pm osuroche wrote: Try a wire wheel to remove paint, the finish with spindle sander. They are effective on vertical and even overhead surfaces like ceilings. There are several ways to accomplish this task:. All handymen will, at one time, be faced with a home repair project that requires the removal of multiple layers of old paint or varnish before applying a new finish. Not every product works for every problem. They offer specific information about which product works best for each type of paint and surface. Some paint removers claim to be environmentally friendly. It's one of the higher-end Charvels from that period and I wanna give it a total makeover. I don't wanna just guess and go too heavy in case I do some damage. Medium Coarse Sandpaper, medium coarse sandpaper is graded between P80 and P180 on the grit level and offers a good level of paint removal, which is less likely to destroy the underlying surface. Liquid sandpaper is the newest addition to the sandpaper market, but it isn't exactly sandpaper. There are no absolute rules when it comes to paint strippers but the following is a good guideline: Liquid Paint Removers are usually good for removing one or two layers of paint since these types of formulas dry too quickly and do not get absorbed. Wont Get the Job Done. They also can make detailed paint removal a breeze. Medium Sandpaper, this has a higher grit grading of between P180 and P500 and will not be as effective at removing the majority of a painted surface.

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Visit your favorite paint store, consult with the sales representative to determine which paint removal product will work for you. If need to remove paint from a surface. You may need to go back paper and redo the process for those surfaces that have stubborn old paint. Allow the chemicals proper time to penetrate the old paint. If necessary, choosing the correct sandpaper grit is highly important to getting the job done properly. Liquid or aerosol spray, read the label carefully to ensure that the product is green. Clean it up with 400 grit. This grade will be more useful assuming youapos. Carefully sand the surface to remove the multiple layers of paint or varnish. This will determine how long to leave the paint remover on the surface and whether it will be effective for the paint or coatings you are trying to remove.

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S also important to know what wonapos. Lew, any suggestions on removing the paint for longer use. D posted on December 31, how to Remove natalya brikner phd Old Paint and Varnish with Chemical Paint Removers 02 pm what paper did ruben salazar write fo osuroche wrote, chemical Paint Removers from Dumond Chemicals.

Chemical paint strippers are more effective and will give better results but they do cost more money!Use very fine grade paper to make these last minute touches before applying protective varnish or sealant.


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Tung oil is another popular choice.This is a smart choice if your initial inspection of the wall tells you that youre going to have to get through multiple thick coats of finish, paint, and primer.After the paste has dried the old paint call easily be scraped off, washed off or in some instances adhere to a fibrous paper included with the product.This will help get a uniform surface.”