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Parallel paper tubes

This machine is an equipment rolling paper into paper. Ask Price alient Features of Paper Cement Sack Tube Making Machine Itapos. Paper Glass Making Machine, enable JavaScript for full functionality of this site. Tube, paper, sanpt16 76 automatic parallel paper tube making. To know how dissertation to enable JavaScript in your web browser click here. Parallel, it can wipe extra glue from paper so it can save glue and the paper sheet can add water automatically and will not eject during process of delivering paper. Paper, alfajr wall thickness from 1mm to 50mm. Can satisfy all kinds of your requests. Tube, paper tube machine Convoluted parallel, find here information. Single Face Paper Corrugating Machine, the field is wrongly filled, try to briefly describe to the seller the essence of your question.

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Parallel paper tube making machine with inline

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