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poster board needs to be thin and firm and larger than your artwork. (Only takes a minute.) Step 10: Your artwork can be taped directly to the window or

you can frame it with two frame mats. . If this long winter makes you feel like youre stuck inside a white and grey world, try making these colorful creations for your windows and youll brighten up any room with loads of sunny color! Plus lots of white space can be pleasing to the eye and make the colors around it pop. Then add like shapes symmetrically around the center, working outward. Masking or Clear Tape, optional for either Version: 2 Large Frame Mats for each picture. Also, if you have pieces of tissue paper that overlap each other you need to have glue between the tissue layers. So anyone can create whatever their imagination (and attention span J) can muster! We would love to see what you create! Level of Difficulty: Easy, for ages 4 with adult supervision. Let the sun shine in with this sensational repackage of Paper Stained Glass! Color-in Stained Glass takes coloring suncatchers to radiant new heights. Step 2: Cut 2 equal sized pieces of wax paper. Tissue Paper in Assorted Colors, wax Paper, scissors. Your iron is not likely large enough to cover the entire width of the picture, so start again on the left side, pushing to the right, until all areas have been covered. Plus, since each translucent sheet is perforated at the spine, it's easy to remove from the book for display. Iron Ironing Board, coloring Book Version: A page torn from a coloring book. (Note: Adult supervision is required for using a hot glue gun.) Lay one mat face down on the table. There are high fire paints and low fire paints that all require different temperatures.

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Flat, step 6, step 8, start at the left edge and with constant pressure push across to the right edge. Different kinds of glass should be fired separately to accurately fire and for best results. Cotton fabric more than twice the size of your artwork. Though its important to remember and understand the limitation for tiny details when working with cut paper. Find a favorite image in a coloring book and carefully cut the page from the book. Because just like the real thing. Estimated Completion time, their true beauty and vibrancy magically comes alive when the sunlight shines through them. Glue Stick or craft glue towel smooth. Remember to keep some areas uncovered by the tissue paper so paper that the two layers of wax paper can melt together.

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These make great gifts for friends or grandparents and the beauty of the frame is that it can sit on the windowsill without marking up the windows. Note, once the kiln has reached the desired temperature. It is then slowly annealed or cooled. Aligning the edges with making mexican tissue paper flowers the mat below. The future looks bright, trapping the colors, just like the work of the medieval masters. From preschoolers to teens and adults. The basic idea is to place bits of colored tissue paper between layers of wax paper. Lay one piece of the wax paper on your placemat.

If the edges of your wax paper roll up, just lay a ruler along the rolled edge to keep it flat.The pattern creates a great texture on the birds that you wouldnt recognize as snowflakes unless you look closely.


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It clearly gives the impression of a flower but its not perfect or photographic.Black Marker and/or Pencil, directions: Step 1: Before you begin youll want to create a clear area to work and put a placemat at each persons workspace.(Note: Adult supervision is required for this step) While this is heating up, lay the cotton towel on the ironing board so that half is on the board and the other half is hanging off the side.”