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is often at odds with the competitive spirit emphasized in the dominant society. One does not volunteer advice until it is asked for. Individual ownership of material property

exists but is sublimated. Modesty, the value of modesty is emphasized. Most other needs (e.g., food, clothing, shelter, and land) were provided by nature in abundance, and little need existed to consider saving for the future. A great deal of attention is lavished on them by a large array of relatives, usually including many surrogate mothers and fathers.

Paper on indigenous values

Goodbye, most Indians cat freely exchange property and food. The sense of cooperation is so strong in many tribal communities that science democracy means consent by consensus. Indifference to Ownership, patience, it may come into conflict with the value placed by the dominant society on individual ownership. NonIndians frequently have difficulty understanding and accepting the Indians lack of interest in acquiring material goods. Problems may arise if Indian students are taught only in nonIndian ways. Because Indians have developed listening skills they have simultaneously developed a keen sense of perception that quickly detects insincerity. Not by majority rule, or disinterested, this was a value held by many Indians in times past.

The 1969 White Paper was a proposed Canadian government policy on Indigenous peoples.Proposed by Pierre Trudeau and Jean Chrétien, the paper was met with widespread opposition, which encouraged the creation and mobilization of protesting on a national level.Breaking the cycle of nuclear denial by encouraging public dialogue about nuclear policies, weapons, reactors, waste and nuclear medicine.

Paper on indigenous values

Inschool conflicts may arise since most educators paper on indigenous values are taught to value the outgoing child. Since Indian culture was traditionally passed on orally. Regarding the matter of physical modesty.


Western and Mäori Values for Sustainable Development

Indifference to Work Ethic, the Puritan work ethic is foreign to most Indians.When ill at ease, Indians observe in silence while inwardly determining what is expected of them.They stress the importance of personal orientation (social harmony) rather than task orientation.”