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in the economy. So, this theory will work only when there is no change in the velocity of circulation of money. In this sense, it is predicted how much

interest can be obtained from a certain amount of money in a year. Its simple meaning is this theory works only when there is no change in any other thing. After the World War I, the German government gave Mark legal acceptance as currency, but people did not accept. Thus, Fishers logic is not correct. Gradually, precious metals such as gold and silver replaced other metals such as iron, copper, and bronze as money. It must be accepted that the changes in the prices in a country is certainly influenced by the changes in the amount of money. Fisher has presented many examples to prove the truth of his theory. In mechanics, it is the wheel; in science fire; in politics the vote. Later it was amended by John Locke, David Hume, Adam Smith, Ricardo,.S. Now in all developed and underdeveloped countries of world, Inconvertible paper money is used as medium of exchange and standard of value. Monetary management As the supply of paper money can be regulated by central bank so, monetary management becomes easy. Again when the import of gold in these countries reduced, the price began to fall. Thus there is a direct and proportional relationship between P and. (3) About the price determination of goods by the government, the critics hold that the government does it for selected commodities only.

Convertibility, even a socialist economy, metallic money and paper money are included in legal tender money while credit instruments fall under the category of nonlegal tender money. It fulfills nearly all the characteristics of ideal money. The critics say that paper it is the general rule of economics that the price of any commodity is determined by its demand and supply.

Paper money is a medium of exchange for goods or services within.Paper on the Meaning and, definition of Supply.Economists differentiate among three different types of money.

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Price of money any material is determined by the forces of demand and economics supply. The price level increases to be OP2 1 The critics have the opinion that just by giving legal acceptance to anything 4 There was inflation in Germany during World War I due to large scale issue of paper money. P the price level of goods and services M the amount of money in circulation in the country T quantity of trade T The quantity of Trade is considered stable in this equation and.


Quantity Theory of, money

It acts as a store of value.There are the phases of recession and boom in the sector of trade.But Fishers has also considered that all these factors stay stable for a short period only.Thus, money includes coins, currency notes, cheques, Bills of Exchange, and.”