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adapt and enhance life sciences disease modeling technologies for use in space. When imbibed with a fluorescent lasing dye like Rhodamine B (RhB paper provides a randomly distributed network

of scatterers (fibers) in an optical gain medium (dye) required for random lasing. Website: m Description: Combinati is developing integrated digital PCR platform with a micromolded siphoning array. Website: m Description: BioMensio Ltd., a biotechnology company, develops smart multi-analyte handheld detection devices for bio-analytics. Wave 80 Biosciences Website: m Description: Wave 80 Biosciences, Inc. The company specializes in microfabrication and microfluidic techniques. Applications range from biology to electronics, from agriculture to space systems, from tissue engineering to organ-on-a-chip, from fertility enhancement to mutation diagnostics, from food safety to polymer synthesis, from cancer research to oil shale research, from DNA sequencing to DNA modification, from point-of-care to university, from. Website: m Description: PolyPico Technologies is commercialising and award winning patented technology utilising acoustic energy for non contact, Ultra Low Volume fluid dispensing utilising a disposable cartridge that avoids cross contamination and cleaning equipment and processes. Our cutting edge technology provides the best solution for optogenetic simulation in freely moving animals. Mohamed Abdelgawad gave an invited talk at the Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-Just) in Borg El-Arab, Alexandria, on the different applications of microfluidics on May 4th, 2014. Mohamed Abdelgawad will be giving 2 lectures on how to use EndNote as a bibliography management software on March 2nd, and 3rd 2013 in a course organized by the Knowledge Transfer Office at Assiut University. Website: m Description: Celldom has developed a platform for massively parallel pharmacogenomics to computerize biology by unmasking cellular heterogeneity. Website: m Description: Singularity Sciences is developing a revolutionary lab-on-a-chip technology for panel-based, low-cost, on-site diagnostics. Mohamed Abdelgawad gave an invited talk at Ontario on a Chip meeting which is held annually at University of Toronto. Interface Fluidics Website: m Description: Interface Fluidics is an engineering laboratory service company specializing in microfluidics for oil and gas with headquarters in Calgary. April, 2013: Journal of Green Processing and Synthesis publishes a profile of Assiut Microfluidics Lab. The emission spectrum of a paper-based random laser was found to be dependent on laser-dye characteristics, microfluidic channel dimensions, and the shape, pore-size, local refractive index, and functionalization of the substrate (Fig 1). Mohamed Abdelgawad gives an invited talk on contact angle saturation at the 10th International Meeting pros and cons of phd vs mba on Electrowetting held in Taiwan during the period 19 - May 2016: Ahmad Altayeb's work on Mechanical Characterization of cells is accepted as a poster at embl Microfluidics. We grow vasculature into silicone membranes to regulate the temperature on and apply pressure to surfaces. Website: m Description: Optofluidic Bioassay is the developer and manufacturer of a novel, microfluidic 96-well elisa plate that improves workflow, decreases assay time, and maintains assay performance with less sample and reagent volume. Moderna Therapeutics Website: m Description: Moderna Therapeutics is a biotechnology company that researches and develops protein therapies based on novel messenger RNA (mRNA) technology. Our user-friendly, flexible platforms overcome the limitations of mammalian cell-lines and in-vivo models commonly used in drug-discovery. July, 2013: AML hosted two presentations by Mohamed Zanaty and Ahmed Khaled, research assistants at the electrical engineering department, on July 25th and August 1st, 2013, on their research performed at imec in Belgium as part of their cena scholarships. Manufactures a diagnostic chip that enables molecular detection to diagnose infectious diseases. June 2015: Our paper titled "Numerical Investigations of the Effect of Flow Arrangement and Number of Layers on the Performance of Multi-layer Microchannel Heat Sinks" was accepted in asme 2015 International Mechanical Engineering Congress Exposition imece2015, in Houston, Texas, in November 2015. If your company isnt on this list yet and you would like to add it, please click the button below to fill in the short form and be displayed below.

M Description, our paper on sperm rheotaxis got the outside front cover of December 2014 issue of Integrative Biology. Correlia Biosystems is creating next generation proteomic technology that integrates complex assays such as elisa or other immunoassays into rapid. Website, m Description, website, nonsurgical diagnosis of endometriosis, including biothreat detection. Design and modeling of mems resonators for biomolecular sensing application" Biofilm attenuation, hiFiBiO SAS commercializes proprietary single cell technologies for applications in law drug and biomarker discovery and development.


Elveflow Microfluidics tutorials Microfluidic reviews and.Deals with the behaviour, precise control and manipulation of fluids that are geometrically constrained to a small, typically sub-millimeter.

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Paper microfluidics georgia tech

And results are available immediately, genePOC Inc, soilCards are paper tests that make soilnutrient analysis easy. Hatem Abdelhafez from the Department of Andrology. Emultech is a high tech company that helps pharmaceutical organizations with more efficient drug delivery. Platelet Biogenesis Website, presented our joint work on rheotaxis of human paper smoke craft spermatozoa and its relation to infertility in the 3rd Upper Egypt Assisted Reproduction Conference. References, platelet BioGenesis, testing is done with a fingerstick. Science Practice Website, m Description, accurate, andres, and affordable to smallholder farmers who dont have access to soiltesting laboratories. Our organotypic human and animalderived models offer superior biological relevance for in vitro compound testing. Produces commercial scale donorindependent human platelets from pluripotent stem cells for clinical application. M Description, in order to contribute to a better quality of life.

Xsensio Website: m Description: Xsensio develops the unique Lab-on-Skin sensing platform for next-gen wearables.Develops molecular diagnostics instruments and consumables for hepatitis C, hepatitis B, HIV/aids, infectious diseases, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and other human health conditions.Tempus Website: m Description: Tempus is a technology company that is building the worlds largest library of molecular and clinical data and an operating system to make that data accessible and useful.


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We also develop custom lab-on-a-chips for your project.SQZ Biotechnologies Website: m Description: Spun out of MIT, SQZ Biotechnologies is developing the next generation of cell therapies, using its propriety technology to harness the power of the patients immune system to combat disease.Mohamed Abdelgawad gave a lecture titled "Microfluidics: Tiny Tools for Big Challenges" at Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology.Elpis BioMed Website: m Description: Based on disruptive technology called reprogramming, Elpis provides differentiated human cells and tissue models for science, drug discovery, and toxicology.”