Mit thesis repository: Paper machet snake

into the places where he overlaps was a real challenge. . Ive been working on this snake for a while now. . I really like the way the hood

turned out, with the bones (or horns) running through. It doesnt look like it would be that challenging, but it was. Just a quick post from where I left off. . Not any old snake. . Dont use an oven to dry your projects! . Lay them dallas on the work surface in a squiggle shape. This is where I add the paper mache to the snake. . Then touch the stack of paper strips and one will stick to your fingers. . Its a shame that most people wont even see the underside of this snake. . These are similar to the dragon scales I make but I made these more hexagonal rather than triangular. . Follow the link at the bottom of this post to see. Its amazing how long it takes to put scales on a nine foot long snake. . So now there came a second round of smoothing and filling in voids. . It took three weeks just to add the scales. . Actually they are more like plates. . Heres a view from under the chin. . Cutting implements (depending on what you use for armatures). I dont have a clue, can you maybe help please? Paint with acrylic paint and let dry. Because when you put strips of paper in the paste it disintegrates. . I doubled them up and made a length the size of the snake I wanted, about 8 feet long. The most maddening thing was that after I shot this photo I cleaned the glue off of my hands and gave him some food. . Create the basic form by laying out the armatures on your work surface (covered with newspaper).

Paper machet snake: Custom paper air freshener

That was true for painting as well. I think its cool, this project recycles lots of newspaper. And its really impossible to evenly distribute the a6 paper vs letter paste no matter how hard you try with your fingers. Here are more, but a bad paint job can ruin a good piece of sculpture.

I displayed the finished snakes by tying them with pieces of fishing line to a a huge piece.Paper mache snake shaped with coat hanger wire and newspaper.

Paper machet snake, Martha stewart paper punch butterfly

My son needs to make a snake and monkey with paper mache. Im aca going to make a snake. Dont know why I got into that.

For no particular reason I thought Id show you a couple of my tools. .Note that they had to grow in  size from the tip of the tail to the head. .I straightened out about 10 of these hangers. .


Naga- Dragon Queen of, snakes!

Alternatively, pour PVA glue into the container and thin with water.I added breast plates along the under belly. .But Im enjoying myself. .I got as much symmetry as I could. .”