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and they have further been referred to as sky candles or fire balloons. During the Eastern Han Dynasty, the Emperor Liu Zhuang was a Buddhist and he ordered the

inhabitants of the imperial palace and citizens to light lanterns to worship the Buddha just as the monks did. Ancient Types, palace Lantern, it was mainly used in palaces in ancient time. Whether they float in the air or simply shed appealing illumination as a home decoration, Chinese lanterns never cease to delight people across the world with their cheerful beauty. Thailand, the Thais use the word Khom loi, meaning floating lanterns. Different kinds of patterns were drawn on the covers. 15th of lunar New Year). Rest of the World, sky lanterns have increasingly grown in popularity beyond Asia they are now a fairly frequent sight in the West on special occasions such as at weddings, New Years Eve and Halloween. Contention, sky lanterns have unfortunately gained a bad reputation amongst some people due to the dangers they potentially pose when they fall to the ground farmers in many countries have particularly been opposed to them since at times they have caused crop fires and the. They are extremely popular in certain festivals in Thailand, and the people consider it good luck to release a sky lantern since it symbolises their problems and worries floating away. In addition, the people will decorate their houses, gardens and temples with hanging lanterns called Khom fai, which are intricately shaped to provide a wide variety of colourful decorations. In addition, the Chinese believe that while red is a symbol of happiness, gold is a symbol of wealth. This is the most personal of all the types wherein the lantern is painted with the name of the owner. It is so small that it is commonly used as a Christmas decoration. The Lantern Show is an attractive activity around the day of Lantern Festival in many cities. During this time, a multitude of Khom loi are released into the sky, where they resemble large flocks of giant fluorescent jellyfish that awe the throngs who gather to see them. It is famous for the delicate craftsmanship, graceful and dignified pictures as well as the courtly features. And with that, they were able to keep their lives and prosperity. The activity attracts people because of the riddle itself rather than the gift. Palace Lantern, paper lanterns, originating from, eastern meaning Han Dynasty (25-220 mainly were used as lamps in ancient China. Instead of metal, flame resistant wool is now used. Furthermore, Tomato Light lanterns are round and more personal. Due to the difference between the old Lanna calendar and the central Thai calendar, the Yi Peng festival coincides with one of Thailands most important national festivals, called Loi Krathong, which is held on the full moon of the 12th month in the traditional Thai. In Chinese culture, red has a deeper significance.

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Sky lanterns later became popular with children at carnivals. Some people argue however that it is printable lawsuit papers likely that the real creator of the Kongming lantern is not known. Birth and marriage, khom loi lanterns have become so popular with the Thai public that they are uses in most festivals. S Lanterns, with colorful bulbs inside and, as punishment. Although originally strategically used in China for military purposes.

Once used for lighting before the introduction of gas and then electricity, lanterns are now merely decorative or more significantly used during of the yearly.According to legend, long ago, wild beasts pestered the livelihood and safety of the local folks.


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Being kind-hearted, she secretly came down to the mortal world and informed the locals of their punishment.Then one day, a sacred bird from the heavens fell to the mortal world.History of Sky Lanterns, chinese lore claims that the Kongming lantern was the worlds first hot air balloon.There were other kinds such as lanterns with Chinese characters or auspicious words on them.”