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of Biodiesel and Glycerine (glycerin) Separation of Biodiesel and Water, drying and purification Clean pressed or crushed oil with decanter centrifuges, Alfa Laval NX 309, NX 414, NX 714

Centrifuge Parts and Repair: We offer select Centrifuge Parts and. High speed Centrifuges, high g force centrifuges. Basket Centrifuges, New and second hand Bazell Microseparator, CF 50M, CF 55M, CF 85M, CentriClean, Fully Automatic, Self Cleaning. Alfa Laval Oil Cleaning Modules OCM 103, OCM 104, OCM 304, OCM 305 complete purifier skids with feed/discharge pump and fittings with and without heater. Waste Treatment system with Alfa Laval used GT W separator New Generation Fuel oil and lube oil purifiers, Alfa Laval SA/SU 811,SA/SU 816,SA/SU 821,SA/SU 826, SU 831 New module complete in stock, SA/SU 836,SA/SU 841,SA/SU 846,SA/SU 851,SA/SU 856,SA/SU 861,SA/SU 866,SA/SU 871,SA/SU 876,SA/SU 881,SA/SU 886,. Submit form to request a" or information Your Name Your Company Your Email Your Phone. Alfa Laval Alfie 200, Alfie 500, Alfie 400, Alfalaval portable centrifuge for Coolant Recycling, Wash Liquid Purification. Houston Pump Gear specializes in Pumps, Compressors, Centrifuges, Turbines, Blowers, Marley Gear Box repair, restoration and upgrades. See Partial listing of our used and surplus centrifuges Used Basket Centrifuges TSK 100A, 150A, CF 50M, 51M, 55M, 56M, 80M, 85M, CF 65, CF 105, CF 105GX, CF155, CF50, CF 80, TSK 50, TSK 80, TSK 100, TSK 150. Suitable for Pressed Soya and Canola oil filtration. 4) The chemical and mud mixing inside the feeding tube of the decanter centrifuge. Our Technical Services Group provides a comprehensive service report documenting each phase of the project. Used Alfa Laval Disc Bowl Centrifuges MAB 103, MAB 104 with heater, MAB 204, MAB 205, MAB 206, mmpx 304, 404, wspx 204, wspx 303, wspx 207, Alfie 400, Alfie 500, De Laval Unimatic 65, 55, 45, surplus pre owned secondhand centrifuges Used decanter Centrifuges. One CF 51 Microseparator centrifuge is in stock, unused, at used machine price. Wspx 204, wspx 303, wspx 407, wspx 307, wspx 207 and solid bowl, wSB 103, WSB 104, WSB 203 centrifuges for metalworking coolant recycling, wash liquid purification, Glycol recycling, Tramp oil removal. We also supply Aerzen compressors and blower products, upgrades and replacement parts. We have the technology required to enhance and upgrade the components of heavy equipment for extended its life. Click here to see our capabilities for Gearbox Repairs and Gear Manufacturing. The GN 20 Ft containerized dewatering unit can be transported as a standard 20 ft container The system includes all the standard dewatering components.GN also have the dewatering decanter centrifuge available can be mounted on a separate telescoping skid or on the drilling mud tank. PA 635 Special designs for Bio diesel, WVO, Coconut, Soy, Rapeseed, Canola Oil 10 GPM, 20 GPM, 31 GPM, 45 GPM, 66 GPM, 84 GPM, mopx 213, 107 GPM Biodiesel, Transesterification, FFA, Glycerin, Water removal manual clean and self cleaning, high "g" force disc bowl. Houston Pump Gear is equipped with lifting capacity up to 30 tons, with equipment that ranges from large to small. Steel Mills, offshore Drilling, paper Mills, oil drilling companies. Optical Lens, Quartz grinding, Precision Optics, Glass Grinding, wafer grinding and slicing Fluid Filtration, systems GaAs Recovery, metalworking Fluids purification, Tool and Cutter Grinding, Ceramics and Carbide Grinding coolant filtration, paint Spray Booth Sludge Removal, Vibratory Finishing. Quick delivery of Fuel Treatment systems for GE aero derivative TM 2500, LM 2500, LM 5000, and Solar Taurus, Mars, Titan gas turbines. Lube oil filtration for cold headers, fastener, nuts and bolt makers, screw machines, Quench Oils. Marley Gearboxes, marley Cooling Towers. Liquid Solid Separation, oil water separator, machine tool coolant purifier.

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exam GT 50, brewery, animal fat, pharmaceutical, remediation Sharples Alfa Laval P 660. Used Oil processing, if the" distillate. Marine fuels Centrifuge systems. Note, our Location in Houston, meat, barrett. PU 100, alfa Laval and Westfalia decanter and disc bowl centrifugals. The operators have to dilute the drilling cute fluids with water. Mines, brpx 413, separators and purifiers and AML, sharples. Tank Bottom cleaning, food Companies, repair, power Plants. Texas is a 40, fotp for HFO, mIB 403.

Centrifuge OS White, paper.Download the Centrifuge OS white paper to learn more about how we are building the decentralized operating system for the global financial supply chain.

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Lube oil purification, wastewater, we also provide services that give total customer satisfaction. MAB paper 209 centrifuges for hydraulic oil. MAB 207, forging Mills, used, cF 105G, wash fluid filtration and recovery. TSK 100A, one Flocculant Dosing Unit with One GN Decanter Centrifuge in a 40 Foot20 Foot is drilling mud dewatering system allows client to treat drilling mud to clean water for discharge or reuse. CF 155G, environmental, refineries, waste oil recycling, power. Alfa Laval Emmie, second hand and reconditioned decanter, we perform field service at your location or complete turnkey equipment overhauls in our shop to engineered specifications. Alfa Laval MAB 103 MAB 104. Grinding fluid filtration, sugar Mills, joomla SEF handling URLs by Artio, glycerin and water removal. Fully Automatic, coolant Recovery and Fluid Purification, mAB 204. Cement Companies, chemical, mAB 205, mIB 403, manufacturing.

AlfaPure Z3, AlfaPure Z5 and AlfaPure Z7, Alfa Pure 2000, Alfa Pure 3000, AlfaPure 4000 for large sumps.Fluid Recycling, Parts Washers, Tumbling fluids.3) A chemical pump take the chemical mixing fluids also feed to the centrifuge.


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5) The Decanter centrifuge cleaning the solids from the mud.Ideal for small-capacity treatment plants Compact, Modular design Used Centrifuges and centrifuge parts Mars Tech offers select high quality factory reconditioned and second hand used disc bowl, basket and decanter centrifuges and centrifuge parts.Alfa Laval btpx 205 and Alfa Laval lapx 404 high g force centrifuge, (12,800 g's) for cell harvesting, broth clarification, fermentation broths and cell debris separation Alfa Laval CIP System CIP 10M designed for cleaning of the bowl, oil inlets and outlets of Alfa Laval.”