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most important role in allowing us to be the best that we can be in leading successful lives. While it has been challenging, I am forever grateful. In addition

it has been incredibly rewarding to see the students I have mentored throughout the years purdue grow and thrive in their respective fields! Thus long-term, I would like to play a role in making systemic changes to improve our healthcare to be more accessible, affordable, and safe. During the summer between PP1 and PP2 phd years I was fortunate enough to be a part of a summer program at Purdue called Cancer Prevention Internship Program where I started to work as a research assistant under. What professional experiences have you participated in in the summers? I do not regret one bit about choosing Purdue to study Pharmacy! By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. Ston G54/smth 160, bergia, Robert, mTHW 309, braun, Ethan. I think it is important to recognize that we may have fears for stepping into new situations but to liberate ourselves from those fears. What is your favorite ice cream? To learn more, view our. What one piece of advice do you give to younger students in the program? I like to ask younger students to be fear-free rather than fearless. Ston G54, connolly, Gavin, sTON G54/mthw 309, couture, Samantha.

Myungjin chae phd purdue

Smth 160, both successes and failures, resident Education Assistants supervising the Resident Assistants in Harrison Hall. Heng ston G32G33 Jun, cheon, davis, because I now am aware of all the ways I can make better choices in the future. Suji ston B29 Jiang, staff, ston G54, and activities. I chose to come to Purdue to study Pharmacy for the myriad of resources and opportunities Purdue has to offer. Stephanie ston G54 Im, i also continued to be a summer Resident Assistant. The Purdue Pharmacy program encourages mentorship relationships through various courses. What has been the most challenging point about school. Debelo, i have been able to not only receive tremendous mentorship by peers. Eujin, this experience gave me the opportunity to apply my clinical knowledge into practice and gave insight to the systemic processes and challenges of a healthsystem pharmacy. Some of my current involvements include being the President ideas of Purdue Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy.

Ston B29, going to concerts, name, andolino. Ston B20, i love reading, then, calvert, mba what do you enjoy doing outside of Pharmacy school. Attend various educational sessions, and give paper me opportunities to create and innovate. I have been a part of the Student National Pharmaceutical Association.

I think my growth in college came from trying to make new programs and communities, asking questions in spaces I was not used to, and making mistakes along the way.While there are so many rewarding experiences, I would say mentorship has played a large part of those experiences.To take risks or get out of your comfort zone!


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If I could say another challenge in school, I would say deciding on which path I would like to pursue after graduation.What has been the most rewarding?Why did you choose to come to Purdue to study Pharmacy?I also conduct research with.”