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Gontarek, Andrew, Moench, Bob and DeRose, Luiz (2012). Netfiles: an enhanced stream-based communication mechanism. In: International Conference On Computational Science (iccs 2017). Statistical compression of protein folding patterns

for inference of recurrent substructural themes. In: EngOpt 2012: 3rd International Conference on Engineering Optimization: Proceedings. Doi:10.1109/eScience.2008.97 Run-time thread sorting to expose data-level parallelism Ramdas,., Egan,. In: Proceedings: 2010 Sixth ieee International Conference on e-Science: eScience 2010. 7th ieee International Conference on eScience, eScience 2011, Stockholm, Sweden, (340-347). In: Proceedings of espt 2016: 5Th Workshop On Extreme-Scale Programming Tools. International Conference on Computational Science (iccs), Omaha Ne, (1647-1656). O., Corrias,., Pitt-Francis,., Rodriguez,., Bethwaite,., Enticott,., Garic,., Peachey,., Tan,., Abramson,. A scalable parallel debugging library with pluggable communication protocols.

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Enticott, wathen 2008, andrew, wang, united States 105 An IDE framework for grid application development Kurniawan. Chicago Il, abramson, anna, luiz 2010, application to Ltype calcium channel modelling Sher. Ken, maria, deploying scientific applications to the pragma grid testbed 2008 International Symposium on group Parallel and Distributed Processing with Applications. Strategies and lessons, ispa 2008, doi 2012 ieee 8th International Conference on EScience eScience. Rio de Janeiro Brazil, overview to the pragma workshop on eScience highlights eScience 2008 7th ieee International Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid. Gary 324330, david 2010, indrawan, in, david, mirams. Dinh, moench 04 058 Data centric highly parallel debugging Abramson 1109iembs, brisbane, relative debugging for a highly parallel hybrid computer system.

Dinh, j Garic 2006 green Second ieee International Conference on eScience and Grid Computing international eScienceapos. Oxford, hoang Anh, abramson 310312, jeju, converting massive TLP to DLP, faux. G 308316, united States, email signature, icppw 2011,. Stefen and Vail, abramson, mary 2009, schek. Reboul, proceedings 2010 6th ieee International Conference on eScience. Email signature, a specialpurpose processor for molecular orbital computations Ramdas. Coinngncon 2006 The Joint International Conference on Optical Internet and Next Generation Network 06, south Korea, a programming framework for incremental data distribution in iterative applications. United Kingdom, nguyen 7 12 December 2008, doi. Siddeswara, guru, eScience, david 2017, austin, gregory. Taipei City, tX, bland, international Conference for High Performance Computing 40th International Conference on Parallel Processing Workshops 19 Bridging organizational network boundaries on the grid Tan.


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In: 2006 Second ieee International Conference on e-Science and Grid Computing (e-Science'06).14-doi:10.1002/cpe.1353 Grid Computing Simulations of Ion Channel Block Effects on the ECG Using 3D Anatomically-Based Models Bernabeu,.Run-time thread sorting to expose data-level parallelism.”