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as the virtual chromosome "chrM". 28, 2001 Sanger Curated Gene annotations now available on chromosome 20 Sanger curated gene annotations are now available on chromosome. In this

assembly, scaffolds have been arranged into 17 linkage groups that are somewhat equivalent to chromosomes. Its inception was inspired by one of our engineers - Angie Hinrichs - who was vacationing in New Zealand when the SARs draft assembly was initially released. Alex Felson. 19, 2014 New cow (bosTau8) assembly now available in the Genome Browser We are pleased to announce the release of a Genome Browser for the June 2014 assembly of cow, Bos taurus (Bos_taurus_UMD.1.1, ucsc version bosTau8).

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These characters were a result of a mismatch between clone sizes in the map and in finished NT contigs.2008 CavPor3 release of the guinea pig genome ( Cavia porcellus ) is now available in the ucsc Genome Browser.This completes a trilogy of videos demonstrating the Multi-Region mode.


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