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for many other purposes (printing, coating, gluing, etc. Delignification The removal of lignin, the material that binds wood fibers together, during the chemical pulping process. Automatic Packaging System

Term applicable to any one of several available systems for open mouth and valve bag packaging where bags are automatically applied to filler spout, filled, weighed, closed (if open mouth palletized, and shrink wrapped. Diazo Base Paper The process involves coating of paper with Diazo solutions and a coupler. Bamboo A plant of grass family grown in Asian countries and used for papermaking fibers. Ammunition Paper The type of papers used in the manufacture of ammunition such as cartridge paper, which forms the tube section of shotgun shell and basewad paper, which is used in the base of the shell. Paper A homogeneous sheet formed by irregularly intervening cellulose fibers. The pulp paper is generally used for wrapping and bag paper. Bleaching also adds to the sheets strength and durability. Blueprint Paper Base paper for blue printing. Specific Surface (Fiber) Fiber surface area per unit weight (OD basis) Specific Surface Load (Refining) Specific edge load divided by refiner bar width factor (Watt-Sec/m2) Speck A small defect of foreign substance with contrasting appearance to the surrounding paper. Large quantity of water is added to uniformly distribution of fibers and additives. Light Weight Paper Papers having a grammage (basis weight) normally less than 40 g/m2. T T4S Abbreviation indicating that the paper has been guillotine trimmed on all four sides. At this point the paper is fully dry and ready for off-machine processes such as coating, embossed finishes and supercalendering. UV Coating A very glossy, slick coating applied to the printed paper surface and dried on press with ultraviolet (UV) light. Kraft Pulp Chemical wood pulp produced by digesting wood by the sulfate process (q.v.). Lines Per Inch (LPI) The number of lines in an inch, as found on the screens that create halftones and four-color process images (for example, printed 175-line screen). Non Wood Fibers Papermaking fibers derived from plants other than trees such as cotton, hemp, bagasse, jute, bamboo or straws. Hardwood or cereal straws) cell walls; main structural components are xylose and other pentoses; yields xylose and other pentoses upon hydrolysis. Enamel A general term referring to coated paper that has a higher basis weight than coated publication (magazine) paper but a lower basis weight and caliper than coated cover paper. Urban Forest A description of towns and cities which are the source of wastepaper as one of the raw materials used for paper making. The CIP term requires the seller to clear the goods for export. Also called hogged fuel boilers, biomass boilers make steam and heat for mill use. Used to adjust the pH of the mill water or as a sizing chemical in combination with rosin size. Stencil A sheet of plastic, paper, or other material with letters or an image cut out. Finisher jog the paper to remove any improperly cut sheet. White Water System Flow circuit for paper machine white water (includes pipes, storage tanks, cleaning equipment, water from forming section and return feed). Tensile Energy Absorption (TEA) It is the work done when a paper specimen is stressed to rupture in tension under prescribed conditions as measured by the integral of tensile strength over the range of tensile strain from 0 to maximum.

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Permanent Paper A paper how long is a paper on computer that can resist large chemical and physical changes over and extended time several hundred years. Compression Strength CD or MD Can be referred to as ring crush or stfi stiffy. Adhesives and or impurities from waste paper before recycling the fibers into a new sheet. Offset and text paper have basic size of 25x38.

W 80 Sheets A5 Size Lined 6-Holes Traveler's Notebook Planner Filler Papers/Journal Dairy Inserts Refills/Loose-leaf Binder Paper, Beige Color(Ruled).Shop Filler Paper at Staples.

For example, press Part or Press Section The section of the paper machine which contains press. By careful formulations the paper is designed to react against a wide range of ink eradicators. F Fabric lined filler paper Press Paper machine wet press that uses a special multiple weave fabric belt sandwiched between the regular felt and the rubber covered roll.

Flotation Deinking Using flotation method for removing ink from paper during the de-inking process.See Diazo Base Paper.


M : Mead Loose Leaf Paper, Filler Paper, Wide

Chlorine Number A test method to determine the bleach requirement of a pulp.The letter fold produces a self-contained unit, easily handled by automated envelope inserters.When using certain specifications in the carrier classifications, minimum edge crush values must be certified.Chinese Character Guide Paper - X Style.”