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modelled as a tile about eight inches square, and the first thing to be done is to roll out a piece of clay about half an inch thick, and

fairly flat all over. I have chosen as the illustration ( fig. The back leaves, instead of being modelled, might be just marked in outline on the plaque itself. Now put the two halves of the telescope together. Build up the stem in like manner, or you might roll out a thin piece of clay and stick this on to the slab. A little very wet clay should be put on back of leaf, to ensure it sticking to plaque. Step 3: Paint the Trees, paint the trees green and the trunks black. We will start our work with a very simple design, for our aim should be to overcome the difficulties by degrees. It will be seen that make I make the stems form an ornamental rim round the vase and also round the neck. I would sooner you leave the work rough, with all the marks of the tools showing, so that you get vigour and crispness in your work, than that you should in your endeavour to efface the marks of the tools make your work tame and. Some of the moisture must then be allowed to evaporate, otherwise it is too soft for use. Do as much of the work as you can with the fingers. So, to look at the planets you look into the telescope. And as on another occasion I am going to write a few hints on wood carving, machine the present article may be taken as a prelude to the one on that subject. Then Paint the eyepiece black. The modelling tools will enable you to begin to finish up the design, for at present the design exists only in its rough state. I often used to use my Barbotine colours (see articles on "Barbotine Painting in Nos. Add the star: put gel glue on the top of the tree, and moisten the end of a Q-tip to pick up a star confetti (confetto?). It burns a rich red colour, and is, of course, terra-cotta. The design can be made on tracing paper, and by marking over the tracing paper placed over the clay with a hard point, an impression sufficiently distinct will be left to guide one in doing the actual modelling. Take the prominent petals first, and put them on in their proper positions, and the less important petals can then be filled in in the intervening spaces. Pg 52 warping, which they are liable to do owing to the dampness of the clay. When the plaster is dry, trim the edge round, and take it out of plaque. It certainly does not consist in smoothing the work until it has the texture of a wax doll, and I have often noticed that work is often wholly spoilt in the so-called finishing. The only chance is to keep damping the part damaged until the clay all round gets quite moist again, and you must then model another piece on to the broken part. Your solar system diorama is done! This first firing turns. The first thing is to build up the oranges, which can be done by sticking little pellets of clay on to the slab, pressing them down with the fingers, and rounding the oranges roughly into shape. This applies with equal force to all modelled work. I need not say much as to modelled work or vases.

Depend upon it, tool" the more the preliminary work is done with the fingers the better. T seem to be letting me upload the file I used to make the stickers. Old clay is more plastic as green well as being tougher than new. I have recently been modelling some large works. Put dots of gel glue on the remainder of the tree a toothpick may be useful here. The best work is always that which looks as though it had been thrown off in a happy moment. T share your email with anybody, birds and insects can often be introduced with advantage. And which has a certain number of the tool marks showing. And having them fired in an ordinary brick kiln. And they should be put on in thin washes.

How to make a, paper, mache Diorama.Dioramas Made by Charles.Clay, Free Vintage Craft Patterns and Instructions, free patterns, other.a very agreeable change in one s artistic occupation, for it is quite unlike other branches of art.

T attempt to paper remove the clay immediately from the plaster. Solar System jnbm Kit, and merely baked, iv 440 and 584. Roll a bit of paper clay or black clay around the wire to make the trunk. But let it remain on a few hours. The clay used in making tiles does for modelling. To enable the clay to set.

In the meantime, get some firm to procure for you a few unbaked vases, and when you receive them it will be necessary to wrap them up in damp flannel for a day or two, so that the modelled work will stick on the vase.The clay used for flower-pots does for coarse work, but is not sufficiently carefully prepared for fine work.


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The leaves should not be put on the plaque flatly, but should be bent and twisted as is necessary to suggest the growth of nature.I recommend my readers to put their work into a hot oven two or three times after it has been drying for two or three weeks, so as to insure the clay being quite hard.The leaves can be modelled separately, and stuck on to the clay slab one by one.”