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be perfect replacements and as such, they hold weights equal to their predecessors. The carbon footprint problem with corrugated pallets is largely attributable to corrugated manufacturing, as material must

be processed for each pallet trip. Karin Perntoft, Communications Manager ikea Transport Global had this to say: The overall objective is to decrease cost and create a more sustainable business by less impact on the environment. Not durable, susceptible to failure due to moisture (unless coating added). For example, Green Ox Pallet Technology recently launched an in-line or point-of-use corrugated pallet assembly machine. Ikea ideas visited them asda in Japan and Germany to see how they are handling deliveries on non-wooden handling materials. Rationale for Switch from Wood Pallets. No nails or wood splinters, no mold, no fire retardants. Its move to loading ledge, and paper pallet bases allows it to continue to enjoy the benefits of unitization while improving transportation efficiencies. Ikea stores are the first global example of how to work with non-wooden pallets in a high-volume retail environment. So what else is it that makes board paper pallets interesting? In spite of very high recycled content rates, logistics savings accruing from lighter weight and reduced reverse logistics requirements, the environmental case for corrugated pallets is debatable. For long distance applications such as export, however, corrugated pallets can be an attractive solution in terms of cost and environmental impact. In terms of water-resistant paper pallets, Ox Box utilizes a water-resistant biodegradable corrugated material that can provide corrugated performance as well as water resistance. Ikeas move to use paper pallets to deliver goods to their retail outlets has been widely reported, but just in case you missed it, here it is again. . Pop quiz: Can you remember how many trucks were taken off the road due to this change? . Their lessons learned, tips, ideas, solutions and tools will help you while implementing the new handling materials in your own ikea store. Ikea is phasing out the use of wood pallets across its global operations. On the other hand: ispm-15 compliant wood pallets can be cheaper. This change makes it possible to increase filling rate (more products in each transport shipment) as well as minimize return transportation with empty wooden pallets.

Clean and dust free, other Benefits of Unitization, these paper pallets are also designed for one trip and recycled after use to reduce the amount of return transport. The retailer announced that it would be utilizing paper pallets and loading ledges for its unit load base requirements. Price that can be comparable to wood pallets. According to Ewe Shmidt, explained Jeff Lamb, ikea has a reputation as a unitization nat proponent. When the, such a move will involve the upgrading of ikeas racking storage systems throughout the company to support unit loads built on corrugated paper pallets and the Optiledge system. In addition to their strength, unlike many global companies that floor load merchandise in containers. In Canada, such a system means a reduction of inbound freight and pallet storage. As pallet material is received in sheet form.

Ikea is phasing out the use of wood pallets across its global opera tions.The leading international retailer is converting to the use of paper.

Such an approach improves flow through at distribution centers. Which reportedly uses 10 million pallets per year. Sustainability Manager for ikea hared Canada, and the hauling of empty pallets. And North America, ikea had to upgrade their warehouse racking to fully support them. Much lighter than wood pallets, known internally as Handling Material No Wood HM NOW began in Germany and Japan operations before moving to Europe. LLC, the retailer cautions that they require more care during handling. By converting to paper pallets and loading ledges. Conversion in Canada is underway and is expected to be completed by the fall of 2012. Please leave a comment or get in touch. Ikea notes that the elimination of wood pallets will also bring cube reduction benefits regarding storage space for wood pallets.

No other retailer in the world has committed to such a change, ikea told its employees in a 2010 document.Corrugated of Course asked ikea about the move to paper pallets and how it will benefit their business.


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Related : Is No Wood Pallets Swedish for Common Sense?With much of their business in high labor cost markets such as Scandinavia and Germany, there was a clear interest in eliminating physical handling.Many companies are looking to paper or corrugated pallets for export.”