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for Saved by the Bell. In The Paths Diverge Natasja used this particular excuse so often that her art teacher became convinced that paper was said canine's natural diet.

In some cases, I managed to get things turned around and learned stuff, and in some other cases, I got a second crack at the same material, but to this day, I have only the sketchiest understanding of solid state physics, largely because I judged. So it's easy to imagine poor Nanako trying to explain to the teacher that her cousin (or Big Bro, as she calls him) ate her science project. Do you _have to_ clean the house every day or every week? It's rare to find two good teams finance playing each other at all in November, let alone two good teams playing ball well. In one Kevin Kell strip, Rudy claims " I accidentally ate my own homework ". After a trip to monster land, the boy confessed and the monster took him home and made him do two homeworks: one to be eaten and another one to be taken to school. Tabletop Games The adult party game Cards Against Humanity features a question regarding substituting 'dog' for something else. Garfield also finds out that this is actually a very lucrative business right for dogs. If they could be counted on to do the work on their own, and to make a correct determination of what areas require extra work, and what areas they already understand, then we could dispense with the whole business of grading assignments.

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Sam : good, because i didn t do my homework.What do you have when a lawyer is buried up to his neck in sand?Excuses For Not Doing Your.

I didnt do my homework because a

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As I said, the Giants hung on to win by ten, and the Patriots intercepted a pass as time expired to preserve a win over the Saints.An episode of Catdog was devoted to the citizens of Nearburg making Dog eat their homework, which Cat exploits for their money.Subverted in For Better or for Worse when Elizabeth tries to get Farley to eat her homework.


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Posted at 8:37 PM link follow-ups 1 comment.She is like that.It's so old, no one will believe him.Archie Comics, one Jughead comic's Cover Gag involves Jughead not submitting any homework.”