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to keep well into the future. From time to time, we also add optional raids. We're also not too keen on seeing each other get benched, we've raided together

for years, at one point running our own guild. Raiding exp: vanilla: cleared upto bwl (played warrior warlock) TBC: cleared upto SWP (played warior warlock) wotlk: cleared upto hallion, took a break after (played warrior hunter) Cata: took a break but came about back late and cleared ds (played warrior) MOP: played casual, cleared every. We are not faceless fingers behind a computer screen, so we show each other respect and take an interest in each other. We don't whine when we wipe, we dance when we down. I have raided varying difficulties in the past, and am looking to continue the challenges of mythic raiding, because if it isn't a challenge it just isn't fun! However we are also understanding to the fact that most players have real-life obligations like SOs, children and work/school. I'm looking for a guild - specialized in semi-hardcore raid or PVP (if possible). The ability to speak/read english at a sufficient level to understand raid tactics. So looking for a weekend only raiding guild. So if this sounds acceptable to you, feel free to contact me, if it is "omg so much work" do not contact me as it would be a waste of time for both parties. Hey I am grövak I have been playing since end MoP. Vi raider Tis/Tors/Söndag 19-23.00. We are based on Kazzak and we aim to raid at a semi-hardcore rate with a social environment where people can feel at home in game. But still everyone can apply to our application form on the guild website, based on that we will decide if you can join or not. However, it likely won't happen often. Due to multiple factors like burnout and our server slowly bleeding out we struggled to replace people, so we decided to put the guild on pause and let those who wanted take a break and the others could split off tamil into other guilds and finish. We pugged it all. Add me on battlenetID: Luna#2890Lunaminica0 3h H 8/8HC 1/8M Incoming Tarren Mill LF RDruid Lock At Incoming we like to think we are a little different. I'm more than willing to realmchange if it means I'll find the guild I'm looking for.

Hw post dungeons

Rouge outlawsub and a warrior dps. The lse phd international relations entry requirements core roster remains intact and weapos. Iapos, ve still got room for a few exceptional players 0023, dH Havoctank, myself and friends arnt happy with our current situation for raiding so looking for a possible guild swap together.

Měli jste v oblibě legendární strategickou sérii Dungeon Keeper?Tak proč si ji nepřipomenout, obzvlášť když její duchovní nástupce.

Twowenforum874708 forum Guidelines Please Read Welcome to post the World of Warcraft discussion forums. I post hope there is a place i can call my home. Yes I have a mic and yes I am willing to talk on discord. We have you covered, re clearly trying, iapos.

At the moment, we're recruiting players of almost every class and role to strengthen our raiding team on our way to heroics.What do we expect from you: We have high expectations from our members, and are constantly striving to push the standard of raiding higher as we progress.


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I don't have much time to play ( I play every day though but I'd like to be part of a team who does normal or hc raids and m runs and just f*ck around together.We want at members to feel relaxed and not worry about having a real life taking up time.We respect that our members have job, family, party life or whatever outside of WoW.”