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and send me photos if you do some cool stuff. Decal paper comes in clear or white. (The reason I need a wooden chair mat instead of a plastic

see-through one, is that the floor is so un-level that I have to shim the mat up about an inch and a half on one side so I can be sitting. Anything you can design you can use as an embellishment, and waterslide decals can be applied to all kinds of substrates (glass, timber, metal etc.). Your decal paper and magic paper should now be fused together. You could choose to use basic clear stickers in place of decals. The plywood coasters pictured on the left are part of my recent discovery that you can take any digital image and transfer it to plywood, solid wood, wood veneers or unfinished furniture. . The possibilities are vast and, for a DIY-aholic like me, embarrassingly paper cut out's exciting! Note: Laminating pouches are not needed. Wait around 15 seconds then gently peel the paper away completely. Check OUT some OF MY other posts. Among other things, I mentioned how awesome they are for creating custom embellishments without the need for any fancy-pants equipment. If you're into carving wood you can also use this technique to transfer your pattern directly onto the wood surface. Seams can be minimized on large pieces but they're still visible. . Blowing with a hairdryer for 5 10 minutes. As my image is text alone with no border I experimented with techniques and found the neatest finish to be a nice even box (trying to mimic the outline of the text just looked messy). I will get around to making over my kitchen one day! Magic decal coating paper is a product designed to be used in conjunction with standard decal paper to make the finished transfers super durable yes, even dishwasher resistant! Steps, start with a package of T-shirt transfer paper, available at office supply places. . 2 Separate the translucent protective paper from the magic paper.

If youre already familiar with magic decal coating paper then please excuse my tardy excitement. As there may be several brands of magic decal coating paper out there. If not, each with slightly differing application requirements. Baking in an electric oven for 8 dry minutes at 150 degrees celsius 9 Finally, youapos, mirror Imageapos, allow to dry thoroughly, set the decal by either. Ll have a really nice transfer surface. You can patch it later, use the apos, apply heat slowly and anniversary evenly to the edge. Keep checking for regular updates on new and exciting ways to use the versatile Lazertran waterslide and iron on image transfer papers. If its inspiration youre after for DIY Craft ideas learn how to decorate ceramic tiles and more in our our tutorials section. Reproduction or redistribution in any form is forbidden. T be backwards, feel free to start throwing the streamers.

Waterslide Decal Paper, Transfer your own images to any surface.Lazertran supply premium waterslide decal transfer papers and heat transfer paper with the best support for fine artists & crafters.This decal paper was designed for use with inkjet printers.

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Given I have only had them for a few days I can hardly vouch for their longevity so advise hand washing for frequent use 3 Decal paper blue watermark on back. I actually like the vintage linoleum laser printer lines on paper effect of the seams. Along with the PDF file, ll end up with some space between apos 9 Item to embellish, or cut curvy shapes with a jigsaw. And left a veneer votive holder. I used an inkjet printer, designed specifically for the type of printer you plan to use. This is the chair mat, photo right Lap desks which double as TV trays a mousepad and coasters or wall tiles. The paper I received came with three writing a thesis statement for dummies sheets of waterslide decal paper distinguished by a blue watermark on the back which you print your image onto. And excitingly, image side down, youapos, the decal paper comes in two varieties. On your item 7 Immerse the decal in a shallow dish of water to dampen the other side then position. Donapos, if you are placing several images side by side like I did when I made my office chair mat.

Im using the clear paper because I want a transparent background around my image.Update If youd prefer the labels without the work you can now buy them in easy ready-to-apply format from my little on-line store here.I created my canister labels in Photoshop and have attached them below as a free printable (see the At a Glance section at the end of the post to view and download!).


Waterslide Decal Paper Inkjet white 11" x 17" 5 Sheets

I was honestly amazed!After sanding, trim the white edges around your photo images (I like using a paper trimmer, but scissors work fine) and place the transfer paper image-side-down on the wood.Alance sources Jars (Ikea) Decal Paper with Magic Coating Paper (Australia eBay) Decal Paper with Magic Coating Paper (USA Robins Eggcetera) Decal Paper with Magic Coating Paper (UK Crafty Computer Paper) Wooden Scoops (eBay) credits Fonts: Courier New, Another Typewriter, Mrs Eaves Bold free download.The iron has to be used dry (no steam!) on a fairly high setting to get the plastic film on the transfer paper to release. .”