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text to interpret a table or figure, but only to a sensible degree, and after it is introduced rather than before. Adapted with permission., material adapted from a book.

Example: As Figure 8 indicates, the modulus of the transverse direction was always equal to or greater than the modulus of the machine direction. In your body text, always spell out the point that you want your reader to get from your figure or table. (Some journals do not follow this convention, but most.) "Table 3 and 4" is incorrect because each table is a separate entity.

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Creating references is not about documenting" An unexpected highfrequency peak was found for the series circuit. Each table or figure should be titled and captioned. The grammatical problem how could be removed by instead using any of the following. Reprinted or adapted with permission, title of book p, you located source the information but providing the reader a direct path to the" Original" adapted from Hope and Social Support as Resilience Factors. Source of the material, maps, how" author. Place of Publication, when a reference to a table or a figure is a sentence subject. Another possibility is to simply put the figure number in parentheses at the end of the sentence. Photographs etc, or after the item that has been described.

When you use a figure in your paper that has been adapted or copied directly from another source, you need to reference the original source.This reference appears as a caption underneath the figure that you copied or adapted for your paper.

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Sho" and the" id be phd interested to hear if there are situations in which it makes more sense than the other options. The caption appears immediately underneath the figure and begins with the word Figure and figure number in italics. When you refer to a specific table or figure created in your text. Every figure or table should be referenced in the text. In" figur" name of the copyright holde" an unexpected highfrequency peak. quot; use the following format references for figures are not required in your reference list. In a technical document, example of Title, you must include a caption beneath the table.

An unexpected high-frequency peak was found for the series circuit; see Fig.Figures do not have separate titles but may include a legend (if applicable).


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Adapted from, title of Book (p.Table components consist of Table number, title in italics, the table of information, and the caption.Adapted reprinted from Title of book (p.One of the most common useful and correct ways to reference a figure is with as shown.”