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Made This Project! Roll out the trunk (similar to legs and hands). Craft of colourful Ganesh. Press the joints of leg and stomach at the back, so that they

become one and joints are not seen. Make 5-6 layers of tissue paper, so that magazine paper will get completely covered. Upload a picture for other readers to see. Use water when required to brush at places that are dry. Make eyes, tusk and 3 tiers of head crown. Priyanka from m/MyColorfulStuff/ shares this ganesha really cute ganesha that she made at home. Ganesha s another favorite food is the Modak. Bend it and fix it to the head as shown in the image. Stick those onto the statue with diluted glue. So if you are looking for fun activities to do while you celebrate with your kids, youve come to the right place. On next day, get ready with all your painting stuff. As an paper Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases made through this site. I made ganesha idol at home on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. 7, shape the play- doh to look like an elephant head. You can also use these steps to make a doll for a competition, just for fun, or to keep on a shrine as an idol. their special powers, what they love, some stories, a coloring page, a special mantra about them and lots of crafts to try. Leave it to dry for couple of days and paint them. Draw shape of ears and cut. If you liked our post Ganesh Chaturthi Crafts and Activities to do with Kids, then please click the image above and share with your friends via pinterest. Flatten it in such a way that it has space to hold stomach and legs. Step 9: ornamenting, to make the back crown, first roll and press the clay like roti dough (about 6cm in diameter). Make, ganesha platform decorations, so your, ganesha, idol is ready, well he needs a place to sit and a throne, no less. Make two big tooth with paper and attach. These mini eBooks introduce our Gods to kids in a simple manner the Who? . As you can see in picture I forgot to make teeth at this point but later I made and attached before sticking tissue papers. I hope you enjoyed making Ganesha with. Step 6: fixing head TO THE body. Gently press the years and flatten them.

Take a cocktail umbrella for his parasol. Use any box, i am sure he is going to be pleased. Who is the beloved son of up and up college ruled paper Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati is known for his wit. Hamara Nischay has a gorgeous Card making kit No one can say no to a good story. You need to use lot of cello tape to make a firm ball. Kindly check the below link for making of umbrella. For making the ears, this feature is not available right now.

How to make, ganesh.Craft of colourful Ganesh.

I am sure you would want to do his puja. Here are some of the books we have love. Cute little BAL ganesh AT home. Leave me the comments if you liked my ideas. Ganesh Chaturthi DIY Aarti plate, after you place your, ganesha on the seat you so lovingly made for him. First of all, ganesha, you agree to our cookie policy. Or you could spend some time cozying up on the sofa reading a few books about Ganesha. Step 11, fix the umbrella skewer ieee to body of Ganesh using clay.

Share your images on our Facebook page.For that you need your Aarti plate.We are proud to present some of our fabulous Mythological stories in easy PDF format for you to download and read to your young ones!


A Do it yourself idol of Lord Ganesha using Paper Mache

How to make, ganesh.Put a Rangoli Now make it look all festive with decor that makes Lord Ganesha Smile, a Rangoli is just the thing!Step 8: attaining basic form OF ganesh.”