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crease is strong. Practice on thin, cheap paper before using any expensive materials. Younger children may need help doing this. Question Can the claws hurt someone? Put your finger

in the hole. Start with a piece of paper and fold it over like this. Then fold up both bottom corner as shown. It depends if you want the claws thick or thin. You can always use bigger or smaller paper, just make sure it has the same proportions. Step 2: Fold It Over, step 2: Now for this village field assistant previous question papers step you take the top left corner and fold it over untill it touches the right side of the paper. Position the paper with the right angle of the triangle pointing up, or away from you. 4 4 Fold the left point over. Fold the square along the diagonal line. Some people might have fingers that are too large or small. Step 7: Pocket on the right side of the image place the one on the right in the pocket. Did this article help you? Continue to ensure that your creases are strong. If you want sturdier claws, then use thicker paper. One thing that has cracked me up since the boys were small is their fascination with claws! Recommendations, side Dishes Challenge, audio Contest 2018. Just fold the right tip to the opposite tip of the right triangle. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Then use your finger to open up the main pocket so that your finger will fit in see the right side of the photo below. Heres how to make a ninja mask out of a t-shirt! . Electronics Tips Tricks Challenge. I mean, I dont think I have ever in my life pretended to have claws, but they do it all the time. It should look like a rectangle that is missing a corner. As with anything, be careful how you use them.

Make the edi first step of making a square paper just the first step. Do you remember the first fold you made. From the point to the base. He showed me how teal so that we could write this post.

Fold down the to right corner until edge matches the left side of paper.Fold down top left corner now to form a triangle shape.

Question This is hard and I get really confused. Question Do you think kids could make these claws. There are, the tighter the fit the more likely the claw will with stay on your finger. Yes, with just a few different folds. Buy or construct origami paper, method 2 Using Origami Paper. Question Can I use any kind of paper. But they are almost the same as the first and third ones. This will form a triangle with this recent fold on top 5, if you want the claws to match your costume you could do a design on them. Grab the top left point and fold it over to the right side.

6 Tuck the right tip into the pocket.I tried it and it did not seem hard to make.If the folds start to slant upwards, instead of staying aligned, the claw won't be as sturdy.


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Yes, if the paper has the correct dimensions.You are turning your right triangle into an isosceles triangle.(Or you can for the right side to the left corner like I did.).Consider using a paper folder or a ruler.”