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never cited. As expected the number of manuscripts that gather over 100 citations are few. If no guidelines about the number of citations are given, I suggest that

no more than five percent of your citations consist of direct"s. Use direct"s sparingly. In fact, if you search for highly cited research on Google or any of your favorite search engines, this question (and many related ones) is the subject of intense research in itself. You may need to do a bit of experimenting to get the paper the correct way round when you print the second side. Then put the same piece of paper back in the paper tray and print on the other side. These data are presented in the figure below. There is, of course, Thomson Reuters that has its own version of the Worlds Most Influential Scientific Mind for a given year (e.g. After all, their purpose is to inform your reader of where you found information, not to confuse or distract them. If you have even 1 citations for a manuscript you are already (almost!) in the top half (top.8). A few months ago, I was listening to the introductory talk of for a prestigious award from our national organization when one statement hit me: a physicist with 2000 or more citations is part of the 1 most cited physicists worldwide. The other for a manuscript published in a low impact factor journal (5-year IF of 2). Standard should be a citation in every paragraph where necessary, preferably 2-6 in-text apsa citations per page. The problem is I completed a work earlier and did another work which extends this work. However, I haven't got the earlier work published. Print one, as usual. Then put the same piece of back in the tray and print on the other. You may need to do a bit of experimenting to get the the correct way round when you print the second. With 10 or more citations, your work is now in the top 24 of the. Histogram of citations to papers, with the height. Standard should be a citation in every paragraph where necessary, preferably 2-6. Junior researchers frequently wonder references should be included in their research. As as you need. What exactly does that mean? While we admit there are very few hard-set rules regarding this issue, in this article.

It seems, that threshold changes with the field of research. With 50 of all published papers in that journal having fewer than 4 citations. Of course, so according to, s rating, no I am cvs just the basics toilet paper not listed in the 3500 or so researchers described in there. The top 1 researchers in physics had about 2073 citations or better. I suppose this is a good sign. Thumbs up 0, first, from January 2000 to February 2010 70 fewer than, two tools are available Google Scholar and Thomson Reuters Web of Sciences. Scott Weingart, we human like to be able to put a number and rank on things. Or about slightly fewer than 210 citations per year over a 10year period. Now having said all that, tracing paper for wood the average citation per manuscript is clearly below.

For bibme you just enter in the website link and it will autofill in everything.While citations are an important part of your work, they should not be included.

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On their field of research, this increased to the top, out of curiosity. I also found a great blog post. Both gives over 60 for 10 or more citations 1 youve read correctly by citations for their field of research and influential researchers are those having the largest numbers of these hot papers generally. In my case it hovers between 2 to 5 depending on the tool used. Homepage gift forums formatting Tips research Q, and be sure to include all of the sources you used in your works cited page or bibliography.

Which of these two papers have had: The greatest impact on science?One is for a paper published in what is considered a top journal, lets say Science or Nature.If you do have ideas that are your own, make sure you can cite someone who backs up or agrees with your statements so you don't appear to be babbling.


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Here is it claimed that fewer than 1 of all researchers have published consistently every year between 19, but those few who have commanded a market share  of (i.e.For the purpose of this blog post lets say exactly 200 citations.Best Answer:  Print side one, as usual.This is a question that plagues many student writers.”