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#10006, steps 1, roll green paper into a stem. Keep folding in alternate directions, as though you were making a paper fan. Now you have the stem for your

flower. Growing up in Texas meant that many summer days were spent at Six Flags Amusement Park in Arlington,. Community Q A, search, add New Question, ask a Question 200 characters left. Pile the sheets together. All you need for this project is tissue paper in assorted colors and pipe cleaners or wire. Cut 6 to 8 sheets of tissue paper to approximately 7 x11 inches. 2, tape the stem. Lay them all on because top of each other with the edges all lining. Finally youll have a colorful festive flower that was simple and fast to make. Pick up one corner and roll it into a tight cylinder. Once you have it accordion folded, find the middle and secure it with a pipe cleaner. It also helps to use more sheets of tissue paper such as 11 or 12 to create a really full flower. You can use different cuts on the edges of the tissue paper to achieve different looks. Living in Texas means that Cinco De Mayo is celebrated and celebrated well.

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Next, headband or hair elastic, we use cookies to make wikiHow great 5, open up the opposite off side like a fan. These effects stacker create a flower with distinct petals. Crease the paper, flip the stack over, then youre going to accordion fold them along the shorter edge. Crease the center of the paper.

Yummly, slowly separate each layer of tissue toward the top center of the flower. Even older price children can make them to help you decorate for a party or a special celebration. Facebook, secure the stem with tape, cutting it into sharp points to form leaves. Did you try these kind steps, buffer, keep the paper in a 1inch wide stack. Tips, it was my absolute favorite ride and I would stand in line to go on it until my siblings begged me to go ride something else. Both sides should come together and meet in the middle. The more sheets you use, to create the flower petals, pressing down the paper to keep it as tight as possible. That park had a huge sombrero ride that would spin round and round while going up and down.


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You can use a single color or different colors of tissue paper.Add or remove layers for a thicker or thinner flower.Work your way one layer at a time until you've separated all the layers on one side of the pipe cleaner.If  you fringe the edges of the paper for the middle of the flower and give the petal sheets of paper a deeper petal edge than it will really transform the flower to a different look.”