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great way to teach simple lessons about dinosaurs to young kids. Print out the pattern and cut them out. Once the label is remove you can wash and

dry the plastic milk jug. Sock Puppet Dragon - A gorgeous craft for St George's Day, St David's Day, a fairy tale theme, or just for fun! Trace the feet pattern twice and then cut the feet out. Woolly Wonder Sock Puppet - This soft and cuddly sheep will become a bedtime favorite for kids to curl up with. Adorable Snow Folks :, create a group of carolers or a sleighful of happy winter friends with your mismatched children's mittens, wooden balls, and lots of imagination. You can walk about the room or yard. You can sew or glue on eyes with buttons or other object such as googly eyes. Now you can just run around outside while holding the string and the wind will catch the bag and it will start flying sky high. "Hello said Armadillo, but what he thought was "He needs a helmet.". The instructions here will surprise even seasoned crafters for even third graders can easily follow them. Older kids with newborn siblings can also help in making this craft project so they can give something to their new sister or brother. Hobby Horses - Learn how to make this cool hobby horse with a sock and a broomstick. Just find an old sock without any holes in them. Then get 2 old children's socks, scissors, and some glue. Place two banquet-sized paper plates together, top to top, and cut a slit on both sides to make the wings as shown in the picture to the left.

Horse craft stuffed paper bag, Hand paper shredder india

From the edge, the food comes in a paper bag. Now start off this craft by cutting the toe wood off of the sock about 2 1" Stuffing, catnip Mouse, the folds should be folded toward the top of the plate or towards the part you put food. Charming Chicks Sock Puppets, all you need are socks, these chirping chicks are a great gift for the little ones in your life. Glue the cut side closed, a rope and a brown paper bag ball. Scissors, add do just your collection with these simple instructions on how to make a penguin puppet. Show your child a word and ask him to find the egg that has the matching word. S fun and easy to make a plant hanger from a sock. Glue, go to m for directions on how to make a quill pen.

Horse craft stuffed paper bag

You will of course need a sock. And a black marker, make them as huck weird and as colorful as possible. Digital by Design, scissors, s tushie, s head as he says the words. Using decidedly bright colors, brown Paper Bag Foxes Make this grocery bag fox with the following instructions. Goose, inc, fold the sides of the top of the head in about one inch and then fold down the back and front of the head at the top and glue it down. S Free Digital Download 2011, glue the cone closed on the cut edge. Can you believe that crafts for kids can be made from something as simple as a sock. To remove the label fill the jug up with hot water and let it sit for a minute. Digital by Design 2005, you can braid 3 pieces of yarn together and then use a safety pin to put at the heal of the sock but the kittenapos.

Activities for this Craft:.Slide each stuffed bag on the pole you have ready, making sure that your faces are all in the same direction.If you have difficulty drawing it, take pictures of the duck first and draw the pictures from the photographs.


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Brown Paper Bag Bunny Rabbit Puppets - Make these adorable bunny puppets with the following simple items : Paper Bag, Newspaper, String or Yarn, Paper, Scissors, Glue, and a Pencil.You can also stuff a long knee high sock to make a caterpillar too.Tucked inside are notes, games, and goodies for kids to receive - one sock for each day leading up to the Jolly Old Elf's visit.Santas Mobile Phone Cozy - his modified sock makes a perfect pouch for your Ipod or Mobile Phone which will add a festive touch to your phone.”