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civilian world, there is growing consensus about the danger of ignoring head trauma: Athletes and car accident victims are routinely tested for brain injuries and are restricted from activities

that could result in further blows to the head. "It was disappointing she says. Dyarman, a former major in the Army reserves, was involved in two roadside bomb attacks and a Humvee accident in Iraq in 2005. "That is a black hole of information that we need to have closed.". The anam is composed of 29 separate tests that measure reaction times and reasoning capabilities. Such therapy can retrain the brain to compensate for deficits in memory, decision-making and multitasking. Army to get a diagnosis and treatment for her injury. "I served my country. Buy the Full Version. (33).f., Fennell,. "This journey of cultural transformation, it is a journey not for the faint of heart Sutton said. In a 2007 e-mail, a senior military official bluntly acknowledged the shortcomings of pdha exams, describing them as "coarse, high-level screening tools that are often applied in a suboptimal assembly line manner with little privacy" and under "huge time constraints." Col. She has trouble remembering the address of the farmhouse where she grew up in the hills of central Pennsylvania. Officially, military figures say about 115,000 troops have suffered mild traumatic brain injuries since the wars began. A study published last year in the. Bill Pascrell., D-N.J., who has led efforts to improve the treatment and study of brain injuries, accused the military of ignoring the Congressional directive. In 2007, Nevin began to warn higher-ups that information was being lost. The military uses an exam called the Automated Neuropsychological Assessment Metrics, or anam, to establish a baseline for soldiers' cognitive abilities. The shockwaves can pass through helmets, skulls and through the brain, damaging its cells and circuits in ways that are still not fully understood. But it wasn't until she began talking with fellow patients that she heard the term mild traumatic brain injury. (2003) What is the true value of a lost customer? Over the course of two and a half years, she received drugs for depression and nightmares. Loree Sutton, who oversees brain injury issues for the Pentagon, said the military had made great strides in improving attitudes towards the detection and treatment of traumatic brain injury. "It is going to be terrifically disruptive to their functioning.". Among our findings: From how the battlefield to the homefront, the military's doctors and screening systems routinely miss brain trauma in soldiers. That doesn't mean that (mild) TBI isn't important. Not all brain injuries are alike. (ed.) Advances in Experimental Social Psychology, Vol. (1990) Brands as separable assets, Business Strategy Review, Vol. "I wanted to be back with my soldiers he said. (2002) Prior knowledge and complacency in new product learning, Journal of Consumer Research, Vol. (1991) Brand equity: A perspective on its meaning and measurement, MSI Working Paper Series, Report.

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(2000) Trust in the future, Fast Company, Vol.(2001) Emotions and motivations in advertising, Advances in Consumer Research, Vol."It's obvious that we are significantly underestimating and underreporting the true burden of traumatic brain injury said Maj.(1999) What high-tech managers need to know about brands, Harvard Business Review, Vol.”