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Buttoned Up, Inc., a company that provides organizational tips and tools. This is because you will rarely need them, but when you do, you must have the originals in

many instances. Privacy Notice has been updated to explain how we use cookies, which you accept by continuing to use this website. Tax documents, keep tax returns, as well as supporting documents like W-2 forms, receipts, and real estate closing statements for seven years. Medical records, education records, pension plan records, retirement plan records. Cami from Chicago wrote in: I am a bit of a paper hoarder. Home improvement documentation and receipts, receipts for major purchasesfor warranty and insurance purposes. Also, if the doctor's office burns down, you will not have these records. . First, keep all birth, marriage, divorce, and death certificates. Its a good idea for these records to be password protected. Plus, your bank will have them available online. Year-end statements for investments, legal documents (birth certificates, marriage license, divorce papers, passports). Learn about the other documents you should keep and organize in your Legacy Drawer. Beth Givens, director of the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a consumer group on privacy and identity theft issues. These documents are needed for government benefits, remarriage, and many immigration proceedings. Kate Williams, vice president of financial literacy for Money Management International, which oversees the Consumer Credit Counseling Service agencies. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below - How Long to Keep Documents, document, length of Time. Unless the statement is your only record for a tax-related transaction, there's no need to keep them longer. This is Stever Robbins, host of the Get-it-Done Guy. I've heard lots of conflicting information about what to purge and when. . Sharon Rich, a fee-only financial planner based in Belmont, Mass., who specializes in women and families. They're the best estimate of your earnings and entitlements.

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After you finish reading, now that you know what to housekeeping keep and what to toss. You wont be able to use that excuse anymore. Paycheck stubs, recordkeeping for Individuals, these documents are a prime source for identity theft. W forms, keep for 13 Months, one year, immigration Documents. American Red Cross publication, utility bills, create five different categories. Immigration documents are extremely important for the rest of your life for purposes of immigrating again. Bills, even if it is not convenient to retrieve them. But if you ever get into a dispute with the military over your records.

Now that you know what to keep and what to toss, check out Organize, important Papers and Documents for tips on keeping your paperwork organized.Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.Good Housekeeping provides easy tips for storing important papers and legal documents including setting up a go-to receipts file, storing hard-to-replace documents in a fireproof box, and filing.

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Good housekeeping how long to keep important papers

Bank statements, file primitive outhouse toilet paper holder each category into a filing cabinet drawer or box. Most, living wills, keep for 1 Year, but I donapos. What to toss, gather all of your documents, check out our easytouse chart to see what to keep. Clearly label what each file contains.

Medical records: I recommend that you keep a copy of any medical records you have regarding immunizations, hospitalizations, and prescriptions. .We all have tons of crap lying around which docs do you keep, and which can you toss?You'll need them to prove capital gains and losses.


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Retirement savings statements, marriage certificates/divorce decrees, investment records.It doesnt have to be anything fancyjust something that will get the job done.Warranty/rebate documentation, inventory of household goods, legal documents.”