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to a larger size so that gastric retention is achieved. Expandable systems: expandable systems These dosage forms are usually small enough to be swallowed. These systems absorb water

and then swell. After the drug release for required time period the dosage form should get degraded without causing any gastric disturbances. Definition : definition These are the drug delivery systems which possess the ability of retaining the drug in the GIT particularly in the stomach for prolonged period of time. Ex: sodium alginate solution containing carbonate or bicarbonate These systems produce a layer on the top of the gastric fluids Usually, used in the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux. Initially the dosage form is very small for swallowing, after reaching the stomach the dosage form will swell in their size and cause retention.

Gastroretentive drug delivery system thesis

Treatment of gastrointestinal disorders such as gastroesophageal reflux. Floating systems are not feasible for those drugs that have solubility or stability problems in gastric fluid. Elder people have significant longer GIT Posture. GAS generating systems, friability, the system time interval between the introduction of the tablet into the dissolution medium and till the tablet reaches the surface was taken as buoyancy lag time and the duration of buoyancy was observed visually. Evaluation OF gastroretentive drug delivery systems. Dissolution time and drug release, tablets weighed individually W1 and placed in Petri dishes containing 15ml.

The purpose of writing this review on gastroretentive drug delivery systems was to compile the recent literature with special focus on various gastroretentive approaches that have recently become leading.Finally, advantages of gastroretentive drug delivery systems were covered in detail.Gastroretentive drug delivery system is among the important methods to achieve gastric retention to acquire sufficient drug bioavailability.

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It creates action by blocking potassium funnel in cell of islet of langerhans through which calcium funnel get activated increase more insulin release from individual cell. Need FOR gastro retention A controlled drug delivery system with prolonged residence time in the stomach is of particular interest. Percentages of swelling of glipizide beads percentages of drug entrapment efficiency to exhibit that it could affect release duration of active component in tablet although not lessen the overall bioavailability of candidate drug. Unfoldable systems In these systems, conclusion Gastroretentive drug delivery systems are the most preferable systems in order to deliver the drugs which have a narrow gastroretentive drug delivery system thesis absorption window near the gastric region.

Gellan gum, magnesium stearate can be used for the formulation of the glipizide microbeads.Floating sytems: floating sytems The systems which are having a bulk density lower than the gastric content is known as Floating drug delivery systems They have the potential for continuous release of drugs and remain buoyant in the stomach for a prolonged period of time.These capsules readily dissolve in gastric fluid.


Gastroretentive drug delivery system phd thesis proposal

Although such systems can control precisely and predictably the drug release rate for extended period of time, even over a number of days, they do not always perform satisfactorily if they pass through the drug absorption site.g.The small intestine, before the release of loaded drug is complete.Floating drug delivery is an attempt which has been made to retained the drug in the stomach as a way of increasing retention time.Gastrointestinal dynamics: gastrointestinal dynamics These are the four motility phases within the stomach during fasting stage.”