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by going behind your fingers. The napkin should now look like a torch or a candle. Inside of your creation, there should be two flaps: pull one of them

to the left and the other to the right. Ask a Question 200 characters left Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Did this video help you? 2, pinch the center of the napkin between your index and middle finger. Always use a cloth napkin rather than a paper one; the larger your napkin is, the easier the folding will. This is a traditional restaurant napkin fold. The top paper of the flower should be able to remain firmly in place now. Flip the napkin so that you can't see the rolls. When you're done rolling, tuck the free end of your napkin into the small pocket you have created at the bottom. Follow the direction of the folds you created to form flower head when twisting the stem. By following this easy napkin folding tutorial, you can add a few adorable roses to your table without making a trip to the florist. The top of the napkin should be slightly shorter than the bottom. Learn how to fold napkin into a rose with this tutorial. Press the fold with your fingers. Okay #10006, method 1 Wrapping Method 1, unfold the napkin completely. Your napkin should be square-shaped in order to create your rose. The longest side should remain nearest to you. Method 2 Coiling Method 1, unfold the napkin. Then turn your hand back over so you are holding it with thumb on the bottom and your index and middle finger on top. Community Q A Search Add New Question Question Is there another way that's easier than that? Fold one tail into the other side and repeat with the other tail.

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Fold it in half diagonally, i am not sure if there is roses an easier method. Fold the far portion of the napkin over your index finger so that it rests on top of the other half of the napkin. Pull apart the two flaps inside the rolled up napkin and turn it over to appreciate your creation. The napkin should look like a triangle with two tails 6 Wrap the remainder of the napkin around your ring finger and pinky. Then again, upload error Awesome picture, hold the edges closest to you with your free hand to keep the napkin in place. The more you twist the thinner the stem will 4, pinch the napkin between your index and middle finger tightly. At this stage, continue this process with the remaining napkins until all are completed. The creases in the napkin should form four smaller squares on the fabric. Turn your hand so the napkin folds around the inside of your index and middle finger. This is a perfect way to decorate your table when hosting a fancy dinner party.

How to Fold a Napkin Into a Rose.Two Methods: Wrapping Method Coiling Method Community Q&A A paper napkin rose can make a lovely table decoration that is sure to impress a date, dinner party guests, or a young child.

Place the napkin flat on top of your palm. Wrap the napkin around your fingers. With the longest side near you. The palm of your hand should be facing you 10 ces Twist both ends of the flower stem. Twist until you reach the desired size for the leaf.

If you're ever in need of a flower and don't have time or money to spend at a floral shop, this simple trick can save the day.9 Twist from the bottom of the stem.Leave one of the corners free and begin to twist the napkin to form the base of the stem.


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It makes a great centerpiece for a table.The napkin should now be cylindrical in shape.Click here to share your story.Sources and Citations Loading.”