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the gutter of the book. Add paste to the extended mend strip edge and fold it over the other side of the page. Cover that with waxed paper

place some weight on it, and allow it to dry overnight. (I dont recommend Filmoplast P-90 Tape for page repairs because it is opaque white and covers the print.) dib catching on rhodia paper Filmoplast P is a very strong transparent tape that is flexible so the book paper will not fatigue and tear again. Let's talk paper repair, what is it? Allowing the area to dry under a small amount of weight also reduces the chances of distortion. Select your pre-cut tissue strip and place it over the blotter pad. After this step is complete, place a small piece of polyester web over the area and lightly press it down. Use a separate container for undiluted un-sieved paste. The Book Doctor is In: Introduction to Book Repair, a great many decisions in book repair are based on judgment calls.

Make certain that the two sides of the tear are aligned and overlap correctly. Make sure phd the ruler is straight and following the length of the inch line. Refer to the video on the paste making post to learn how to make your wheat starch paste Scoop a paper small amount of paste 12 a tablespoon or less depending on the amount of tears you will be working on in a container such as a soap dish.

Use the following procedure for a trouble free repair of torn drywall and check the bottom of this page for a video demonstrating this wall repair process.Cut Away the Damage Cut all the torn or puckering paper away from the gypsum.Now that you have your tissue strips and wheat starch paste, you are ready to move on to the fun part: repairing torn paper.

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This paper procedure is most helpful when fixing torn paper in bulk and when triaging is necessary. Be sure to check out posts 1 and 2 in this series to learn more about Japanese tissue strips and making wheat starch paste. Well be dealing with more difficult repairs. Click here to learn more. Using tweezers gently lift the strip and center it over the tear. Throughout this series, our experience at Demco bears this out as we continue to see a strong interest in learning about the techniques and tools of book repair. Press your ruler down and use your filled water brush or dip your brush in water and trace the second dividing line using your straightedge fixing or ruler as a guide.

The book will form an L with the repair page parallel to the work surface.Leaving the wax paper in place, put a piece of press board and a small weight on top of the repair and let dry for at least one hour.Tweezers, press board, wax paper, weights, small brush.


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However, when pages have been physically torn from a book such that a neat edge no longer exists, the repair will be somewhat more complicated.Learn how to make it here.Repeat all till you have your full 1 inch strip.”