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the elements of the great world and universe. The narrator in this story is a good example of an anti-hero showing negative characteristics while never actually being a bad

guy. The narrator wrote at the end of the first paragraph topics that; He was no one I knew. She had met Robert when she landed a job to read to a blind man and they kept in touch through tapes, even after she left the job. It is a spiritual center for visitors and pilgrims. There was dissatisfaction of friendship at the beginning of the short story. However, he goes to stress that "His idea of blindness puppet came from the movies.". His brother Donald is the exact opposite of Pete and is seen as a loser in his eyes. He uses the pop cultural reference to blind people to excuse his ignorance, but all he shows to the audience is that he knows only of fictional blind people and has to base his opinion on his visitor from that (Carver 106). Sometimes they get money if they are in need. In the cathedral, you could feel the presence of god as you worship. The church can be an administrative center. The movies gave the impression about how blind people act and looked like. And his being blind bothered." (Carver 106). When we first meet the narrator he is fearful of his new visitor and what it will do to his family and shows that he does not have very good feelings towards this blind man. The wife and Robert have kept in touch over the ten years of separation by sending each other audiotapes. The narrator represents the story's dominant theme of overcoming fear and prejudice of the blind through personal experience as well as mutual respect. They get shelter and food. The narrator is not looking forward to having a blind man stay at his house. That being said, he is a flawed character who is just trying to please his wife while not giving up what he wants. By reading, the text and looking at the pictures on the wall you can learn to read or be an art sculpture. In the story, cathedral " Carver brings out the concept of husband's spiritual blindness and the theme of broke marriage to shows what is wrong with the modern world. Cathedral by Raymond Carver tells the story of the interactions between a blind man and a married couple. The narrator is a man who is a person who is spiritually blind and does not connect well with people, not even his own wife. The husband does not realize how Robert's blindness changes him as human being.

Carver uses a developing character as the protagonist. Carver skillfully shows the occurrence of change in the personality of the husband from being very awkward plastic vs paper for paint masking around a blind man to coming to realization that Robert is a person and not just a blind man. You do not have friends, even his wife confirms it by telling him. The cathedral keeps legal documents and records. My idea of blindness came from the movies.

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He believes that blind men moved slowly. This friend is a physically blind man who ends up opening the eyes of the narrator. This could be related to the machismo way of thinking about men. It was a very religious time apply silhoutte transfer paper everywhere. He thinks that it is impossible for him to get close or be friends with a blind man. The cathedral protects runaways such as people from the manor. For his kind of person, how is it that a man can live his life for so long and not realize he had been blind the whole time. You May Also Find california paper wasp identification These Documents Helpful.

The late Middle Ages were known as the?Age of Faith?There if someone is hurt they get cared for.


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It shows the balance of how god made.Raymond Carvers Cathedral takes place in the late 70s or early 80s in the city of New.225) Robert then decided it would be easier to describe if they both draw a cathedral together and so they.”