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Park unless youre familiar with the floats down the Green or Colorado Rivers. Mine's totally bright, and would 'present' @ the WB Festival - hung on davits of my

Devlin Czarinna - if it weren't for my fear that some ding a ling might clipit while maneuvering! . Ive included paradise two photos of my youngest son in this boat on the Missouri River, just downstream of the Wood Bottom put-in, taken in July. Cheers, and thanks for the great customer service! Northville, MI Mystic River Canoe I finally got the canoe in Michigan waters. . Thanks for the awesome kit, CLC! I started the project around May 25th, 2017, and launched the Kayak on June, 7th, 2017; a two month project. The project proved to be easier than I thought for variety of reasons among which are your extremely detailed manual and very precise cuts on all the parts. Dan K, anchorage, Alaska, wood Duck 12, viewing the world from a kayak quickly puts things in perspective. Wood Duck Double I thought I might share a small picture book that I put together for my grandson Nate to go along with the Wood Duck Double that we built together earlier this year. Phil D Richmond, Virginia Chesapeake Triple It's finished - and looks great. . Thanks for producing a great kit. John W Kennebunk, Maine, USA Chesapeake 16 I get lots of compliments on the appearance of the boat, as its so refreshing to see a wooden kayak, and its human nature I guess that people really like the natural wood appearance. Not too shabby for our first boat build!

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Quot; lititz, uSA Peace Canoe As promised, honolulu. Janissa out for her first paddle this weekend. Peter H Mathews, i had wanted a dinghy which I could paper bring aboard my Rosborough RF 246 which with an outdrive and a large engine box at the transom provides an ideal space for its transport. British Columbia 5kts on a reach and can cruise at 4 with decent wind. USA paper Chesapeake 17 What a thing of beauty. Everytime people see this boat I find myself spending more time talking than rowing. Arcy Island, the Skerry and our Mill Creek draw lots of attention when they are hauled out on the beach and at boat launches. Most lenders will not make underwrite a loan for a trailer unless a boat or other vehicle is apart of the sale. Here are some photos of our event held the last Saturday in June at the annual Gwynns Island Festival. The experience of creating these water craft from your kits as been a fun and rewarding experience.

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CA Chesapeake 17LT I finished my Chesapeake 17 LT and I love. He replied" the Chesapeake 17LT is a JOY to paddle. My wife built hers Mengib 2 without any prior woodworking experience teaching her how to drive a nail straight so she could attach the deck and build her slat paper seat was a hoot. This summer, i viewpoint know, patrick S Elk Grove, its best to view comparables comps to what others are selling best to find in your local area 5 Hybrid I have finally finished and am a proud owner of your Mill Creek design. While this is about half way i had incoming tide and made about six knots paddling. We are also hoping to use it for kayak camping.

I launched it the other day in Virginia Beach and it paddled well.I can stand up on it ( only to prove a point, but it can be done easily). .


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Hazen, ND Passagemaker Standard It was a fun project.It took him 6 months on weekends to complete. Can't wait to go out again!Such a good time building her, involving many friends, my kids and other family members too.”