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to look for include the size of the active drawing area, the resolution and the pressure sensitivity. You can either keep it oldschool or draw using pen and

paper, or you can come into the new age and use a graphic tablet, a computer and a stylus. Tuts piece written by Monika Zagrobelna: Switching to a tablet and drawing software too soon may lead to a situation in which youll be very proficient at workarounds. Its certainly possible to do very detailed work this way, but its not quite the same as using a pencil and paper. Its just a matter of how soon you should pick one up, and how long itll take to become a natural part of your workflow. The school is solely geared towards entertainment design concept art with a heavy emphasis on digital drawing. The Intuos Pro is actually the required tablet for studying at FZD School of Design in Singapore. Check out this Stack thread for related answers on this topic.

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The graphics tablet essentially replaced a mouse. You can get a ream of printer paper for maybe. Digital will help you work around your deadlines a lot easier.


If not, then I highly suggest getting the cheaper option first: t raditional.I would not say that drawing on a tablet is any easier than drawing on paper.You can either keep it old-school or draw using pen and paper, or you can come into the new age and use a graphic tablet, a computer and.

There are two main solutions, carrying resources with you, a piece. Cintiq, any task I take to the computer takes double the time. The cheapest standalone printer Cintiq Companion 2 running Windows.

Youll be able to create anything, but it will not be really drawing.This is perfectly normal and should not freak you out.But if you already have some fundamental skills itll make the transition a lot smoother.


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However, Wacom has put out.3 Cintiq that is really lightweight and portable But you still need to hook it up to a computer to work.It seems for some artists, the possibilities of going digital also offers more speed and momentum to their work.Granted, the so called lucky accidents that come from working with a pen or a brush can be a pro as well, but more often than not, you end up with plain old UNlucky accidents and correcting is a lot easier to do digitally (and.”