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13 inches wide. You will need a lot of glue so make sure to stock up on these. You must cut some diagonals on the ends to have the

star open completely. The biggest issue with these opening properly is that the center of the star is not glued securely. Be sure the bags are facing the same way when you do this. Once you know how to make paper stars out of lunch bags you will be hoarding bags of all kinds to try! Tips, use the BIG glue sticks! The regular brown lunch bag stars are 17 1/2 inches wide. The large lunch paper bag make the stars 26 inches wide. There are so many different lunch bag colors and designs to choose from. Lunch bags come in all different colors and sizes. This is a project you can whip up in minutes and make a BIG impactas in really large! Use that bag as a template for the remaining bags you need to cut. Create a strand of bright-colored lanterns to set the mood or fit the theme of a party and bring out the hues in your garden. Youll have tp do this a few times at the outset to make sure the tempera cake is really wet. Its got a big handle and its easy for me to use.

I need to make a 5foot star as a prop for a child to fit into. If your star does not make a complete circle add more bags as necessary. Download and print our free template to make crafty grid star lanterns for your outdoor décor.

Giant paper bag stars are the perfect paper craft decor for your next party.You can hang them from the ceiling or create a photo backdrop on the wall.Skip to primary navigation.

Diy giant paper stars. Navbhart times e paper

For a fun and sophisticated touch. Finally, follow the instructions provided within the template to construct and strand your lanterns. All you have waterproof inkjet paper for maps to do is cut out the template and glue each side together to make a bunch of easy paper bag stars. Across the top of a doorway or from any overhang. I really like using fishing line because it holds nicely and you wont even notice.


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Step 6, decorate it!Step 1, count out 12 bags.Place a second bag on top facing the same direction and press down to make sure they stick together.”