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the pen. It's a reddish-brown that resembles a lighter oxblood color. The H-F Sailor nib with Sailor ink worked the best. Now, how does this ink perform? They

come in a whole host of colours and can be adapted to suit the users preferences. It's well-lubricated and easy flowing I'd say it's right in the middle of the scale. They're a standard 3" x 3" size. Remarkably well, but let's get more detailed than that. I'm not a sticky-note or Post-it connoisseur, but I do use them frequently. Pilot Metropolitan - This is a fantastic entry level fountain pen from Pilot. All Things Stationery - Tessas reviews and posts always catch my eye. Which is roughly comparable to the 80-sheet Rhodia. This post does contain affiliate links. The size and weight of the pen I think candidate works really well making it really comfortable to use for drawing and lettering. After trying the ink out for a while, I'm one of them. The point was that I never actually used it as a calendar. jetPens provided this product at no charge to The Pen Addict for review purposes. Staedtler Mars Lumograph - I love this pencil. Anything from a German fine nib and up will allow the ink to show its true shading capabilities, and that's something you don't want to miss out. The list of products included on this page are the things that I enjoy using, theyre items I think are accessible to most people and its simply a good starting point and nice stationery. With each notebook, the company donates a tree to be planted, so you can sleep easy at night knowing that the trees used to make your book are being replaced. The products reviewed are different to some of the standard stationery blogs out there and I am always envious of her photography. Menu, of all the seemingly never-ending stream of products coming out of Baron Fig these days, the ones that have me the most excited might be the ones that have received the least fanfare. The.75.50 size (they refer to it as smart dimensions) is actually pretty smart. You can find more from Jeff online. Takeaways/Where to Buy, while these are definitely "ymmv" products, depending on how you work and what you're specific needs are, I'm grateful to Baron Fig for putting these out there, especially the Mastermind. Jeff Abbott is a regular contributor at The Pen Addict. Theyre very light grey, but if they were a bit smaller in size, I think it would be perfect. There are lots of colours available and special editions (if you can grab them on time). With Ancient Copper, if you like the color, the rest is history.

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Youapos, the Mastermind runs 15 for a pack of two pads at 35 sheets each. Three Staples Jinnies posts on all things proposals Field Notes have become well known within the stationery community. quot; high end and wellcrafted notebooks, theyre great fun and have a strong community of users. When looking at inks, s more of a lapbased tool to use while youapos.

Baron Fig in the Press."High end and well-crafted notebooks." "A pen that immediately feels right at home between your fingers.".

But its a nicely constructed notebook full of quality paper. Honestly, im not entirely sure that a notebook is really that capable of inspiring me or making me more creative. It comes in great colours and has a high quality paper stock. Ve reviewed, i love carrying a notebook where I can remove pages without damaging the entire thing. It has been a while since I have updated my Highly Recommended list of products so as Spring is fast approaching I thought I would review this county and start afresh. Fountain pen friendly though often a supercheap generic sticky note will feather uncontrollably with anything other than a pencil or a ballpoint pen. Diamine ink lined Diamine are a British brand that produces a whole host of fountain pen ink colours. Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen I love this brush pen. It was a giant scratchpad that I had at my disposal while I worked on whatever it was I was doing at my desk. Ancient Copper is such an apt name I donapos.

Even in my "dry" pens, it never has any issues with flow.It's a fantastic ink, and definitely worth checking out.


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If you're remotely interested in red-brown inks, Ancient Copper should be your first stop.There are lots of variations since their limited editions were launched but the staples, the MMX, the Pearl and the 602 are classic pencils.I like that Diamine offers a nice range of sizes with their inks.The paper seems to be standard Baron Fig paper stock, which I find fountain pen friendly enough for my day-to-day needs, and especially enjoyable to use with pencils.”