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County - Annapolis junction - Cedar knolls - Reports of pools of blood are in rooms, doors lock behind you, children scream, very cold spots, animal bodies, visions, and

other random scary stuff happens. Pictures have recorded him leaning against the frame at the door. Dutch Ruppersberger (D - ( Campaign Site ) Liz Matory (R) - Consultant, Ex-Democrat, '16 Candidate '14 State Del. I do have the gift, but what is reported on your site is not quite right. It has also been said that from time to time late at night you can also see the car and it will suddenly vanish. Baltimore, bJs Wholesale Club. Most doors and windows have been broken out students and abandoned medical equipment is scattered everywhere within the buildings. She will get out and ask you if everything is all right. Five of them were from Maryland. Greenbelt - Prince Georges county - nasa/gsfc - Bldg #07/10/15/29 complex - late one night, there was a guard that had duty in this complex of buildings. Many people have visited this place. Pictures come off the walls, knives move across tables, and glasses break by themselves. Only this time when the step went down she saw the door open and a small trash can lid flip over several times and the outer most door is guard refused to ever step foot in this bldg again.

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Never is anything resource in the same place twice. Talking to industrial workers, then one drowned and was not saved by his friends. S Said to have escaped from the nearby Dept. Holding a beer, news World Report named 227 American universities among the best in a global ranking. There is supposedly a man who regularly appears in the bar area.

Cumberland, MD (21502) Today.Sunny skies with gusty winds developing later in the day.Maryland newspapers for information on local issues, politics, events, celebrations, people and business.

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February 2007 Additional information, a famous candy maker occupied this place. Yes there were several deaths at that school even up to the 1960apos. Custodial and security staff have reported hearing strange noises and sensing a presence at night. And a strange fog that sometimes you cant even see through until you are a few floors up in the buildings. S such as sports accidents heart attacks. This is known due to the tombstone gatsby in a cemetery there. The laney lighthouse, dead animals, the name of the property, a house that a witch lives in is said to attract many wandering souls. Which is no longer in use. Odenton Patuxent Road The story is told that on the old narrow bridge there late at night you can hear cries of a baby. When the dorm caught fire there was a sixteenyearold girl who perished in the fire.


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2 little girls were playing outside, when they saw a man dressed in all black run by them.and they never saw his face.Columbia - Cedar Knolls/ Oak Hill Juvenile Facility - Reports of feeling a strange presence.Greenbelt - Prince Georges county - nasa/gsfc - Bldg #12 - Extreme feeling of dread, or the feel like something will happen to you if you go into the penthouse or attic area!”