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solidarity by shipping a windshield from spares in, say, Nice! I was introduced to him in my first week at Evendale, and noted the laugh wrinkles at the corners of his eyes first, and then that he had a custom-designed desk with a large round hole! Rabi top physicist at Columbia Dwayne Orton editor of think think Magazine IBM prestige publication Dorothy Dorothy Carlson Grosch Mount Wilson's loss was my gain The Waldorf Astoria Hotel scene of many IBM parties note: In later lists, there will be entries without comments. Eckert had a very large Watson Senior over his mantelpiece, and a pile of think signs to give to visitors, but hung the Other Faces out in the hallway. Very early in the game, Pres Eckert and John Mauchly wiggled out of their Moore School commitments; the story has been told elsewhere, and frequently. My call was of course at SEL, Standard Electrik Lorenz - the third time I had been there. As Mary Noble well knew, Watson might suddenly decide to go to Washington, or Timbuctoo, or even Endicott. I sold the lovely beast "as is" in Spokane, where there was a great apple harvest in prospect and no one had yet even dreamed of a Roadmaster convertible, with or without fog free lights. The next version was typed, and had lost most of the TPM, Tape-Processing Machine, operations. So the German user community knew about IBM successes in Germany, but not much about what was going on in Santa Monica. Then in proportion, there were portraits of other officers, and big shots in your own line. He had his big desk and throne-like chair set up on a dais, and there were no seats below. The major figures brought spouses or dates, many of whom were a considerable draw in themselves. There was strong competition in the East, with a younger entrepreneur instead of the shadowy Harry Guggenheim. The Number Two was Jerry Haddad - Jerrier., to be precise - who had done the 604.

And the indecipherable and often misleading academic journal. Or from Joe or Ed, the selfserving stuff always available from public relations people. Andy was one of my three cu applied math senior thesis routes to von Karman. He said, s variable stator idea penetrated, and it twitched in the Test Assembly anyhow when somebody turned. As distinguished from the fairy stories told in the stupid general media.

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This was Saturday 25 August.Put in one of those big IBM computers?"Now I said, "if you guarantee delivery of Number Three not more than two weeks behind Number Two, and if you guarantee a super installation crew - remember, I will have a brand new building to check out at the same time - so that.”