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time to learn about them, they would much rather allow the myths and things they hear through the media to set their mind that the. The hard men who

love the breed, protect the breed by only using the best performers. People that could not find accurate information in books, websites or from missed informed Breed professionals. After years of navigating, the truth came. Why do I say that? They are here and they maybe here for some time. Just like many things in nature, man can corrupt the apbt. If I only knew that was about to discover. The apbt s received a score of 95 percent compared to the average of 77 percent; this score of 95 percent was the fourth highest of all the breeds tested. Why did they send a small woman equipped with only a snare to pick up this dangerous dog? What size is a real pitbull? Those dogs you see on youtube channels of 60, 70, 80, 120 plus pounds are NOT real Pitbulls, even if they have papers from a registry they are not pure as a breed, instead they are oversize mutts. Bull Cause the I cliente of the old English Bulldog, for body power muscle mass. Groups have even gone so far as to demand breed specific legislation. Google has the wrong information. This maybe the most important chapter or link I will write. Other dogs I have owned include Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Black Labradors, Pekingese, and the Dachshund. So, a person is more likely to die from lightning than a dog. So why is it excusable for you to judge my four-legged companion based on the way she looks, the way she is built, or the way her bark sounds? There should be a crack down on pit fighting itself, not the breed. No wonder in the birth of the awesome name: THE american PIT bull terrier. I learned that the more normal, pet people breeders, pet owners, the more wrong expectations and wrong breeding practices are made around the world.

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This bellow is not a Pitbull. Pit bulls should be obligated to train their dog well. This dog used to be very well respected in bending paper machine the United States.

Pit Bulls are a flowers misunderstood breed. A breve heart, a loyal friend, when these humans come into contact with the real world. Also known as a pit bull. Popular Essays Become a StudyMode Member Sign Up Itapos. I knew dog looked amazing and very interesting.


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Central Idea Today, I would like to take the time to refute the falsely made claims that have been made against the pit bull breed and provide you with some information and instances that will hopefully shed some light on their true character.A man who shall remain anonymous spoke about the use of the apbt for fighting, protection of drug houses, etc.There are only 12-15 fatal dog attacks a year, along with 800,000 serious enough to require medical attention.”