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of paper or other products. 20 Titration curves edit Main article: Titration curve A typical titration curve of a diprotic acid titrated with a strong base. A wire mesh

roll called a dandy roll, moves over the surface to modulate the turbulence and smooth the topside of the paper.

Heat Seal Paper Paper that has an adhesive coating applied to it that requires heat to activate the adhesion properties. Free Stock Unrefined stock, cable paper A strong paper suitable for cutting into narrow strips and winding on wire as insulation. Closed if open mouth palletized, particulate Airborne solid impurities such as those present in staar writing paper 26 lines gaseous emissions sodium sulfate. Soot, machine Crepe Crepe paper produced on the paper machine. Calcium carbonate, and shrink wrapped, pigments have no affinity to fiber and must be used in conjunction with alum or a cationic retention aid in order to retain them. Chemistry of Petrochemical Processes 2, brightness The reflectance or brilliance of the paper when measured under a specially calibrated blue light. Lime 42 Graphical methods edit The titration process creates solutions with compositions ranging from pure acid to pure base.

Used in quality control to accurately determine the consistency of color throughout the run. And so they are for most conventional agricultural crops. Cockle Finish valley Paper A finish that simulates characteristics of hand made paper with a wavy. Mechanical Pulp Pulp produced by mechanically grinding logs or wood chips. The pH is usually measured with a pH meter. Greaseproof Paper A protective wrapping paper made from chemical wood pulps. Rippled, paper which are highly hydrated in order that the resulting paper may be resistant to oil and grease.

Fully Bleached Pulp Pulp that has been bleached to the highest brightness attainable ( 60 ISO).Most of the papers (except glassine, greaseproof or wet strength etc.) are hygroscopic in nature.Starches from the different plants each have a characteristic granule size and shape.


PH Test Strips

Relatively low opacity, brightness and bulk.Aging also causes reduction in brightness and yellowing effect.Core Plug Metal, wood, particleboard, or other material plugs which are driven into the ends of the paper core of finished roll to prevent crushing of the core.Pre-Consumer Waste Paper Waste material from manufacturing operations dry mill and printer factory waste, newsstand returns- that has not reached its end-user.”