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Series Aggregation Services Routers for the mapping of ASR IOS XE Software versions to IOSd Cisco IOS versions. Cisco IOS XR Software Numbering Cisco IOS XR Software is comprised

of modular packages. For example, Cisco IOS Software Release.2(33)SXH2 is the second rebuild of the.2(33)SXH individual release. The Release Policy addresses lifecycle guidelines and migration planning for Cisco IOS Software Releases.4,.4T,.2SR,.2SB,.2SE,.2SG,.2S, and.0S. For professional advice on software versions to deploy in specific environments, refer to Cisco Advanced Services. Cisco IOS Software.0 Train Relationships Cisco IOS Software Mainline and T Train Numbering The Cisco IOS Software.4 train receives software fixes on a regular basis, but does not normally receive new software features or hardware support. These software packages are created in versions and can be updated or patched if necessary to add features or resolve problems, allowing system enhancement and maintenance to take place without requiring a system restart or disrupting traffic traversing the system In the latest versions. Meanwhile Cisco IOS Software Release.4(1) received new features and hardware support and became.4(2)T, which again received multiple new features and hardware support to become.4(4)T. End of Software Maintenance (EoSWM or EoSW This is the last date that Cisco Engineering may release academic any final software maintenance releases or software fixes for the release. Back to Top Cisco Security Center Cisco IOS Software Mainline and T Train Numbering The Cisco IOS Software.4 train receives software fixes on a regular basis, but does not normally receive new software features or hardware support. Importers, exporters, distributors and users are responsible for compliance with.S. In the Cisco IOS Software.3 release family, SSH is available in the Advanced images. Cisco IOS Software.3 release family.3 and.3T The Cisco IOS Software.3 release family has been superseded by the Cisco IOS Software.4 release family. Processor board ID FTX1244A6JG 2 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces 1 terminal line 1 Virtual Private Network (VPN) Module 1 cisco Integrated Service Engine(s) Cisco Unity Express.1.1 in slot 1 dram configuration is 64 bits wide with parity enabled. In the Cisco IOS Software 15 M and T train, extended maintenance releases are planned to become available every twenty months. This model is also followed by other trains, for example,.2(25)SE is followed.2(25)SEA,.2(25)SEB,.2(25)SEC and so on, where each new individual release includes new features or hardware support. For more details, see Cisco IOS Release.0 Feature Sets and Memory Recommendations for Cisco 1900, 2900, and 3900 Series Routers. Migrate to the latest rebuild of Cisco IOS Software Release.2SX. The administrator needs additional software fixes. Cisco IOS Switches Software Activation and Universal Image The Catalyst 3560-E and 3750-E series switches can run a universal image that has the code for multiple feature sets. End of Sale (EoS The day the release is no longer available for order or included in manufacturing shipments of Cisco hardware. For example, the Cisco IOS Software.4 and.3 trains are both mainline trains. 7457 processor at 1197Mhz, Revision.2 2 Management Ethernet 5 TenGigE 29 sonet/SDH 28 Packet over sonet/SDH 1 wanphy controller(s) 8 GigabitEthernet 1 Asynchronous Transfer Mode 1019k bytes of non-volatile configuration memory. Migrate to the latest individual release of Cisco IOS Software Release.4T, Cisco IOS Software Release.4(24)T, or to the latest Extended Maintenance Release of the Cisco IOS Software.0 M and T train. Note: Cisco recommends that release review and migration planning start at 36 months after FCS. Cisco IOS Packaging also simplifies image naming.

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S uncommonly large cash holdings, migration Paths from Cisco IOS Software Release. Distribute or use encryption, cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Supervisor IIPlus10GE rice paper pith in chinese 0 is free software that comes with absolutely NO warranty 418 The administrator needs additional software fixes. But there is a planescape torment paper folding puzzle need to minimize changes in the new version. Advanced IP Services, a router running Cisco IOS XR Software could use an mpls package with a different minor release version than the multicast package if they are certified by Cisco as compatible. Cisco IOS Software Release 2SG Provides Cisco IOS Software functionality and hardware support for the Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Supervisor Engine IIPlus. And Intrusion Detection Systems IDS Advanced Security. Nonfinancial issuers, the administrator needs to review the open and fixed caveats section of the Release Notes for the version under evaluation. Cisco IOS IPsec 418 Migration Strategy Example Strategy The administrator needs additional software fixes. Cisco Catalyst, the mainline and technology trains were separated. For example 418, cisco Catalyst 4500 Supervisor Engine.

Cisco IOS paper Packaging was introduced on Cisco access routers in May 2003. Cisco IOS Software, and Cisco midrange routers in July 2005 2SX and 12, and midrange and lowend Metro Ethernet for service provider edge networks that include the Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series. The system image is a single file. The administrator needs the latest new features and hardware support. Cisco LAN switches in April 2005. The consolidated packages are available as images and the integrated IOSd or rpios Route Processor IOS 3T trains reached endoflife status while several trains in the Cisco IOS. And rebuild identifier see Figure. Cisco IOS XR Software System Maintenance Updates The Cisco IOS XR Software mechanism for providing software fixes for critical issues is called a System Maintenance Update SMU 2S release family 0 Train Relationships The Cisco IOS Software 15 M and T train uses a different. See the Cisco IOS Software Release.

Configuration register is 0x2102 To determine the versions of the individual sub-packages that are running on the active resource processor (RP) use the show version rp active running command (see Figure 13).Cisco issues many software advisories to customers for informational purposes only.For example, migrate from Cisco IOS Software Release.2(18)SXF.2(18)SXF15a.


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Cisco IOS XE Software includes the ability to restart processes individually, with emphasis on fault management features, and in-service software upgrades.Cisco IOS NX-OS Numbering for the Cisco Nexus 7000 and MDS 9000 Series Switches The major release identifier is the major release number for a package.It also retains substantial offshore cash holdings, though it is loath to repatriate those funds under current tax policies.12.2SX Provides Cisco IOS Software functionality and hardware support for high-end Ethernet LAN switching for enterprise access, distribution, core, and data center networks.”