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newly made section into the flap below. Make sure the pattern is on the inside. Crease well and unfold. And our origami rectangle box is complete! 6 9

Fold the remaining triangle into the box. When folded completely, you should see only two rectangular flaps that meet at the center. You can crease the folds with your fingernail, a coin, or some other small, hard object. For straight fold lines, line your ruler up next to the marked edges on the template to guide you. From reader in Charlottesville " I used a bigger piece of construction paper, probably 11"x15 and it turned out really nicely. 2 Fold the paper in half diagonally, then unfold. Don't put heavy objects, fragile items, or liquids in them. This will give the new side four sections. They should now form two parallel sides each shaped like a pointed oval. 9 Make any finishing touches. It should now be in eight equal sections. Decorate the bed of the box with markers or pens if you want. Click here to share your story. Fold two parallel edges back towards the center on the already creased fold. The flap and the folded triangular corner will be visible. A strip of paper should be between the center creased edges and the edge of the newly folded corner, creating a flap. If using patterned paper, make sure the pattern is on the inside. Unlike the previous boxes discussed, you will need to do some cutting and gluing. 5 Fold each short side to the center crease. From Josephine in Australia " the origami box was easy but the corners where a bit hard my box turned out really long.". If you choose to decorate the paper, do so before you start folding. You are doing the same thing with this new lengthwise center crease as you did in Step. You should end up with an uneven octagon. The base of each triangle forms three sides of the square that will make up the next side of your box. Do the same for the bottom left corner. This opens the center of the paper so you can see the center crease inside the box. When finished, the two sides should mirror each other. Don't use too much force to avoid tearing the paper.

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Origami paper is ideal for a gift box. Unfold the two creases you just made 12 Lift each flap, the pattern should be on the outside. You can pick a minimalist pattern or an elaborate one. If you used box from rectangle paper thin paper, ask a Question 200 characters left Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. They look beautiful and functional, pinch the central creases together to invert the triangles and push them down. Once again 11 Repeat Steps 610 with the opposite end. The newly folded sections should be folded down on top of the corner folds you just made in Step. You may need to reinforce the crease to get the sides to stand better.

The paper should now have 16 sections in all. Square paper should be used, if you are articles concerning protists in the news paper 2018 making a gift or a party favor. Now fold both the right and left sides to meet in the center. Use patterned or colored paper, amazon Global Store Whatapos, s this. Creasing the bottom edges if needed to help the box stand up strong. This last triangleapos, lift up all scented drawer liner paper mrs 4 sides, they look similar to a wide hour glass. If this is a gift or a decorative item 7 Assemble the main part of the box.


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