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) Netherlands Den Haag With the two expansions it started becoming a mess in the box so decided to see if I could find a better solution. Custom printing

board game storage boxes printing buy board game. Usefull Resources: The BBG site has been very helpful, and has proven to be a valuable source for good ideas, improvement of end product, and looking on "storage solution" typically provides you with a huge amount of good ideas that you can either implement yourself. Cut all the way through to the bottom. But that made the boxes to shallow, so remade the top layer at a height of 30mm and as a result the lid is elevated about 17mm. Dixit - Storage solution including five expansions Materials used: Cardboard 1mm thick, 160gr black paper to cover the boxes. You should be able to find this at fabric stores, as it's used for upholstering. Board Game: Dominion Average Rating:7.66 Overall edit my paper free Rank: 73 Average Rating:7.66 Unranked Oskar 10101 ( oskar101 ) Netherlands Den Haag Time passed and then I got into Dominion. Now needs 12 card boxes instead of 8, and these go in 3 Dominion boxes instead. Replaced dividers as above with completely revamped ones (Salzman dividers which I translated to Dutch). Custom monopoly board game bundle with custom box and custom. See above for the solution for non sleeved cards. Progressive odyssey board game storage catan. Lessons learnt You need a bit of luck that the dimensions of the board game actually allow for this layout. This is what the solution turned out to be: It is described in a bit more detail here. A custom homemade wooden box storage solution for carcassonne. Lessons learnt Went smoothly paper 1 english literature hl this one. Lessons learnt Decide if you want to sleeve first, then make boxes, otherwise it is very likely you will have to make them again. It is fully modular as any box can be switched. Board game custom box insert ninjato creative fisheries. The inlay is a bit lower then the height of the box so the manuals can go on top and the lid closes as normal. The Broken Token wooden inlays at m/game-organizers they have a nice collection of wooden inlays for a number of games.

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I included more details in this thread. Youapos 5 cm to federalist paper 84 meaning small in length. Lessons learnt, youapos, had noted down" but boy it took some time and multiple cycles. Ll want to cut it just under the size of the piece itapos.

28green s collection of foam board inserts.Nice overview of various solutions, and layouts, with links to other peoples solutions as well.Box insert plan to store paper assets of core game and expansions.

Still fit everything and close the rupal drag race paper dolls lid without elevation. And then take to long putting the color paper on the box you may end up with the color paper showing bubbles. Lessons learnt, took less then ten minutes, there was enough room to position the cards at an angle. Custom game boxes boardgamegreg, use a single bag of foam over. Elder sign insert room for elder sign unseen forces gates of arkham. Some custom board game inserts i made album on imgur. You might also be able to just place all of the items in the bottom of a shallow box. Flip the whole thing over to have little recesses for each piece.

The base box contains (Dutch version boxes 1995 version base set 5-6 players knights set 5-6 players seafarers set 5-6 players a new boarder I got in 2013 Materials used: I used the boxes from the expansions to create the inlays from.Board Game: Keyflower Average Rating:7.88 Overall Rank: 1 ( oskar101 ) Netherlands Den Haag The next one was Keyflower.Lessons learnt In order to use existing dividers built the boxes around the dividers otherwise you have to make your own, which I ended up doing.


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Artisans of the valley hand crafted custom tables page.This is what that turned out to be: I included a bit more detail in this thread: Keyflower Storage Solution - Including expansion and promos Materials used: Cardboard 1mm thick, 250gram paper for inlay, 120 gram colored paper to cover the box and lid.Just added a piece of 250 gram paper to both boxes to create separate sections so the cards would not move through the box.”