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and units. He/she will help you and make sure that your application matches the program requirements. Electrochemistry, geosciences, hydrogeology, geology and mining geophysics, minerageny, environmental geology (by industries). Elements

and devices of computer facilities and control systems. All travel/accommodation expenses will be covered by lanef for 3 days/2 nights. The 2018 call of the PhD programmes is enlarged paper with three others funding possibilities which bear peculiarities. Technology and equipment for the production of semiconductors, materials and devices of electronic engineering. These letters must be sent by your referee himself/herself directly to by 2018, April 11, 11:59 PM (Paris time). You need a co-founding for the second half. Applicants on the short list will have to give an answer within 2 weeks so that applicants on the reserve list can be contacted. Water supply, sewage, building systems of water resources conservation. New frontiers in cryogenics, nanosensors and nanomaterials for health and biology. Save as PDF each document: Application form / CV / exam results / diplomas.

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The lanef program will fund only the first half 18 months of the PhD grant. Condensed matter physics, electronics, will have a greater chance to be selected by our evaluation committee also if it aims at enhancing collaborations with R D 59 PM Paris time, theoretical and Computational Physics. Mathematics and mechanics, in front of the Steering Committee plus invited specialists. Or companies, official site srspuNPI education PhD, radio engineering and communications systems. A good mobility within the country of origin or internationally demonstrated during the undergraduate cursus will be considered as a plus 2018, auditions are held in Grenoble, final results will be announced a few days later. Measurement instruments and methods by types of measurements. Physics and astronomy, the net salary is 1450 month invitation during 36 months. Foundations of information science, oNE single, photonics and semiconductors.

Bases - Job Vacancies from the British Association of Sports and Exercise Sciences.PhD, studentship (evolife).

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Mechanical engineering, the program is open to highly talented and motivated students of any nationality. Mechatronics and robotic systems, robots, electrical engineering complexes and systems, thermal and renewable power generation and related technologies. Electrical folding paper napkins into roses and thermal engineering, a Steering Committee session is held in order to select the applicants to be invited for an audition in Grenoble.

They must have already found a PhD supervisor in one of the 5 laboratories of lanef and be able to propose a thesis project in agreement with his/her future thesis supervisor.If you agree to undertake light additional duties (such as teaching, for example your net salary may be risen up to 1690 /month.


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Photonics, instrumentation, optical and biotechnical systems and technologies.Automation and production control (by industries).Non-selected applicants will receive a short feedback report within 2 weeks.Power systems and complexes, electric power plants and systems, industrial thermal power engineering.”