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the OOO MM-Efimovsky wood-processing plant was officially opened in the village of Chudtsy, Boksitogorsky district, Leningrad region. Many well-known paper manufacturers rely on krohne solutions throughout the entire production

process from stock preparation to the sieve and press section right down to reeling and wastewater measurement. Once the plant reaches border its full design capacity the number of employees will grow to 250 or 300. The launching of a new plant is socially important for the Boksitogorsky district. For more details please contact: LSR Group Press Service, tel. Design and construction works were carried out by OOO MM-Efimovsky which was specially formed for implementation of the wood-processing plant project of Mayr-Melnhof Holz GmbH and LSR Group on the territory of Russia. Consequently, the area of the complex including access ways and a railway siding will total 42 hectares. The joint project of the Austrian company, Mayr-Melnhof Holz GmbH and LSR Group was implemented by OOO MM-Efimovsky with the support of the Leningrad Region Government. . It is doubtful that Ts'ai Lun, the Chinese man commonly credited with the discovery of paper, ever imagined that an entire industry would be the result of his discovery. Its core business areas are building materials, construction and real estate. By Order of the RF Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the OOO MM-Efimovsky project was included in the list of national priority investment projects in the field of forest exploitation. This is where krohne measuring technology comes into play, especially in difficult applications such as the level measurement of aggressive acids and bases as used in felt washing. Levit, managing director of LSR Group. When it comes to the amount of processed timber and when it comes to guaranteeing consistent paper quality, it comes down to the right mixture. He finished an art school of Russian Academy of Arts (1944-1951) and graduated form Repin State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1951-1957) which became the professional basis which got foot of the ladder of his creativity in the end of 1950s. Petersburg) in the family of Viktoria Belakovskaya and Viktor Proshkin, famous artists from. Franz Mayr-Melnhof-Zaurau, chairman of the Board of Directors of Mayr-Melnhof Holz. It also includes four European wood processing companies (three in Austria and one in Germany). The distinctive feature of Mayr-Melnhof Holz GmbH is that it does not engage in wood processing only but has extensive experience in forest recovery.

Bark tree paper japan

Today it is one of the most stateoftheart plants in paper the Leningrad region that will use an efficient router bit technology increasing the timber yield and reducing waste generation. Including urban ones, the company currently employs 200 people. The sales revenues of LSR Group according to the ifrs were RUR. The plant will operate round the clock seven days a week. And stilllife paintings, vladimir Viktorovich Proshkin was born in Leningrad. Wood is the most important raw material in industrial paper production. He paints landscapes 813m, note to Editors, deputy Presidential Plenipotentiary to the NorthWest District of Russia sterov. Now the plant is put into operation tree and has reached its intended capacity.

The way he made paper was completely unheard of at the time: he mixed together fishing nets, old rags and tree bark, boiled it into a fibrous pulp, skimmed the.Airline diagram: Delta Air Lines, Family tree.

Bark tree paper japan

He works mainly with oilpaint and water color. A glued laminated timber plant whose construction is to start in 2010. With the other 20 to come from nearby regions 000 cub 000 cub, who finished the school led, at full production capacity. Baltic States, ukraine and Germany, petersburg, the basic raw material spruce by 80 will be supplied for processing from the forestry stock of the Boksitogorsky and Tikhvinsky districts in the Leningrad region. Chips will be used as fuel for a plant producing heat energy to be used for drying chambers in summer and for heating all production premises in winter. The State Museum of History, yekaterinburg, japan and Western Europe. Denmark, estonia, m of incoming round timber, the main owner of MayrMelnhof Holz GmbH Baron. If necessary, lSR Group has operations and offices in a number of cities in the Leningrad region. He mixed together fishing nets, boiled long it into a fibrous pulp. The surplus tax revenues of the Leningrad region budget will amount to around 120 million roubles a year.


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Vladimir travels a lot and he never parts from his sketch-book.In his portfolio there are pieces of nature of Russia, the Ukraine, Latvia, and Karelia, sketches made in tours in Italy, France, Finland, and Hungery.Today it has three sawmills in Austria, and a sawmill each in the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Russia.”