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and we hope to keep it that way. If content is helpful, dont forget to press like, G, Twitter and Comment below. Creating the Viewports, create a new layer

called "viewports". Make "viewports" the current layer. I suggest you lock your view port once you get it set so you dont accidently change. Layers It is possible to freeze layers in the current viewport but have them remain visible in all other viewports. Zoom, extents or Z, e at the keyboard or from the toolbar. We guess that you probably wouldn't miss.00 but it would make all the difference. Zoom to drawing extents so that you can see your whole sheet. If you want hidden lines removed turn Hideplot. For example, if you zoom a viewport using 1XP, the scale of the drawing in the viewport would be 1:1 when it was plotted. Don't worry if the screen goes blank! Create a new layer called something like "sheet" and then draw a rectangle 420 x 297 drawing units (this is the correct size of an A3 drawing sheet in millimetres). Move to model space View, model Space (Floating). Using the ddlmodes command or Format Layer from the pull-down you can freeze any layer in the current viewport by clicking the icon in the dialogue box. Annotation Scale in Paper Space 21 replies, solved « change Previous, next » « Previous, next ».

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T forget to move back to model space afterwards. Donapos, dimensioningapos, that might be what you are after. You can use the XP option of the zoom command to scale your viewports relative poverty research paper abstract to Paper Space. Only one viewport can be active at any one time.

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Just click, to office make any viewport the active viewport. Other Paper Space Considerations Scale You may be wondering how it is possible to plot drawings at a particular scale in Paper Space if drawings are always plotted using a scale. Once in model space you can work within each viewport as if it were the normal drawing area. Design your own personal title block. Viewports act just like normal drawing entities so you can move. AutoCADapos, your drawing is complete and you are ready to plot. S paper space mode is a bit like having a page in a scrapbook onto which you can paste different views of your AutoCAD drawing. You are prompted to select viewports so the viewport borders must be visible. Copy and stretch them, lines etc, to calculate the XP factor required simply divide 1 by the scale required.

Any changes you make to the drawing in one viewport are simultaneously made in the other viewports.Once you are happy with the arrangement of viewports (remember you can overlap viewports) you can move to model space by using the mspace command, View.


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Once you are in paper space you can draw an A3 drawing sheet.Change the views in each viewport to show your tree off to its best advantage.So, to plot at a scale of 1:200 when the drawing units are metres the XP factor would be 1/200x10005.If you understand the jist of it, that is you have a 1:1 layout, you understand how to switch into floating model space and all you are asking is how to set a specific zoom factor, execute the zoom command in floating model space and.”