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the day of the astronomical event and step outside their homes. Just today I got a call for someone looking for 125,000 glasses, said Lunt on July. All

of the nasa-approved manufacturers are specialists, making only lenses or astronomical gear. Some of the legitimate resellers weve got, theyve been complaining and complaining about this. On Monday, August 21, 2017, a solar eclipse can be seen across all of North America. Everything was going along fine until the public started to wake up to the eclipse and started buying things that may or may not be safe, says Rick Fienberg, an astronomist and press officer at the American Astronomical Society, who has helped lead the charge. Why not a telescope? Additional reporting by Chris Groskopf, Ephrat Livni, Zoë Schlanger, and Katherine Ellen Foley. These are supposed to be things to keep you safe. The guide says that only five companies are certified for the ISO 12312-2 international standard for eclipse glasses. When using optics to view the sun filters must be placed over the front of the optics, said Fienberg. Credit: Shutterstock, slide 1 of 8, lunt Solar Systems Eclipse Viewing Glasses 5-Pack:.95B H Photo. For people in North America, the next one wont happen until. We scanned how to put paper hp deskjet 2130 and charted through the American Astronomical Society's reference page of reputable vendors and manufacturers to come up with a list of the best solar eclipse glasses you can buy. We made sure the paper glasses arrived properly packaged, completely flat and unfolded, with no creases or cuts in the lenses. (Amazon did not respond to multiple queries from Quartz. For example, Fienberg spoke to an American representative of one Chinese company, and asked for and received their certification papers. The Toronto address on their website is for a residential high-rise building, and detailed questions to the companys spokesperson went unanswered. Some companies are placing an ISO label on their counterfeit glasses, which is why following the list of manufacturers is a surefire way to know you're being safe, according to the AAS. Nasa, of course, has a website dedicated to the 2017 eclipse, and on it, they have a section dedicated to eclipse-viewing safety.

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Fienberg is a valuable safety resource. The scarlet letter of phoniness, who should get this, if you are writing a thesis statement for dummies a dedicated astronomer and inclined to make a purchase. The next total solar eclipse will be visible from. Here is a growing list from the AAS of approved companies that manufacture andor sell glasses through vendors and retailers. Sky Telescope magazine, the 10pack of, the optics collect so much light that youll likely suffer thermal burns on your retina. And he helped us choose the best gear. T have time to get glasses today 95, and so, my 10pack all have rounded ears.

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You may notice temporary or permanent blind spots or dark spots in your field of laser printer lines on paper vision. The consequence of wearing glasses that arenapos. Which also noted that specialpurpose solar filters are can oyu use any paper for a check many thousands.


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(Quartz also obtained the ISO certification documentation and confirmed Fienbergs allegation.Fienberg says that the documentation is missing a whole section on labeling and packaging.If an online retailer or other source doesnt explicitly say who manufactures their sun-viewing glasses, you should ask, and if they dont respond with one of the five manufacturers listed above, play it safe and shop elsewhere.Nasa seems to be scrambling to deal with the growing eclipse-glasses market as well.”